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A Cats Laughing 20 Year Reunion Event & Album

Now available on DVD and Blu Ray. Because Meow.

Minneapolis, MN, United States

Roughly twenty years ago, Cats Laughing played a concert at Minicon. They opened for another Minneapolis Band, Boiled In Lead, and we assembled copies of Songs From The Gypsy outside the Grand Ballroom before, during, and after the show. 

There are still T-shirts around here somewhere. 

While it's going to be a tad different this time around -- for one thing, The Children's Rumpus room has much of the Grand Ballroom these days -- it's high time we do it all again.

The band (Steve, Emma, Lojo and Adam) have agreed to a two hour acoustic concert, to be recorded at Minicon 50 April 2-5, 2015 where singer and guitarist Adam Stemple will be the Musician Guest of Honor. This campaign is about producing and recording the show to share as a CD, digital download, and maybe concert video.

Read on, then jump in and help us raise the funds to bring the band together, ship out a bonanza of memorabilia, and create the first new recordings of Cats Laughing since 1992.

The plan

Each Tier adds goals to the project:

  • Tier One Goal ..... "The Band, Elwood" ....... $6,000
    The band has been quite adamant about the need to rehearse before the show. 
  • Tier Two Goal..... "Can you do it... better?"  ..........................  $10,000 
    We'll stream the show online and improve recording quality by bringing in award winning engineers, higher quality equipment and a light designer.
  • Tier Three Goal .. "Now I'm going to show you something really cool"...... $17,000
    We set our sights on video, bringing in crew and professional services. 
  • Tier Four Goal .......... "New, with more everything"  ...... $25,000
    Opening act, More Cats, Blu-ray disks, further video enhancements and projectile giveaways.
  • Tier Five Goal ................ "Cloverleaves"  ...... $6,000,000
    See reprise video

The rewards

And many curious cats in favor of the hypotenuse

We've been busy putting together some super-cool Cats Laughing swag, which you can learn more about over to the right.

After you join the project, you will receive a survey. This is how you tell us where to ship your reward, select t-shirt sizes and tell us about any add-ons you want.

Add-ons are our term for selecting additional rewards by adding money to your pledge.  In addition to increasing the amount of your pledge by the proper amount, you'll also need to fill in some extra fields in the survey so we know just exactly what to send you.


The artists

Steven Brust,

Emma Bull, Livejournal

Lojo Russo,

Adam Stemple,

Team and Story

This project was successfully launched over the course of more than seventeen months by too numerious an ensaumble to name here - but we've given it our best effort over on the IMDB page for the Concert Video, A Long Time Gone:

Thank you so much from us all for helping to make this project possable and for your continuted support! 

Once the remaing expenses (debts) are paid (including repayment of private funding we gratefully accepted in order to complete the concert video),  we will share all profits from the sale of the completed DVD and Blu Ray Discs, three CD Audio, and other products the project prouduced 80/20 with Adam, Emma, Scott, Steven and Lojo, with the band dividing the larger share, and Beyond Conventions keeping the remaining 20%.

Once the project has cleared it's debts (and we're getting there!) we will be removing the donate feature on this Mega-Founder site.  Once again, from Dee, David, Corwin, and all of us at Beyond Conventions -- thank you for more better Cats Laughing.

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