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A practical book on Digital Transformation

Public Service Digital Tranaformation

Lagos, Nigeria
Digital Transformation - Evolving a digitally enabled Nigerian Public Service
Digital Transformation - Evolving a digitally enabled Nigerian Public Service

“Like slavery, like apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and can be overcome by the actions of human beings” – Nelson Mandela. 

Isn’t this a paradox? Throughout the developing world, governments, companies, organizations and institutions have been trying to eliminate global poverty to no avail, yet the world of economic growth and technological innovation are moving faster than ever. Ending poverty is a big and complex challenge indeed. It has many causes, and there is certainly no silver bullet or single solution, but this complexity is solvable. There are a huge number of smart and talented people all over the developing world, doing amazing work in business and entrepreneurship. There is need to further leverage their works, skills and collective numbers for increased impact and visibility – this is why I want to join hands and contribute through my book – Digital Transformation: Evolving a digitally enabled Nigerian Public Service.


Digital Transformation Backpage
Digital Transformation Backpage

Growing up In Nigeria, I witnessed firsthand all of the pains and horrors that are a part of poverty. I have seen the depths of despair to which people can sink, and I have faced down the mighty trouble that seems always to follow closely behind. Illiteracy, ignorance, and disease are the side effects of poverty, inevitable at a certain point. The way I was raised, however, I always believe in the power of hard work. I believed that by developing myself as a leader and focusing on my career in IT, I could help to pull other people out of poverty and to make a lasting impact on the world, even in a small way.  

Serving as an Enterprise Architect and Digital Transformation Program Manager, I have accrued much experience in my field and much life experience in general. With the aim of sharing what I have learned, I am proud to present Digital Transformation: Evolving a Digitally Enabled Nigerian Public Service, a book that is all about moving into the future in Developing country and building a stronger economy that works for everyone, a stronger economy that will fight off the illiteracy, ignorance, and disease that are running rampant in my homeland - Nigeria. I am proud of the work that I have done so far, but now I need your help to get this book published. I am turning to you, (Kickstarter), for help raising $4,200. This start-up capital is going to cover the costs of printing, marketing, and distributing 100 free copies of Digital Transformation: Evolving a Digitally Enabled Nigerian Public Service, bringing my insights to professionals young and old in Nigeria and beyond. 

 All contributions are appreciated - "With every act of love you do today, you weave one more golden thread in the blanket that will warm the world tomorrow" - Author Unknown 

I thank you for your time and anticipated support.

Best regards,

Jacobs Edo (Author)

BOOK Trailer - Digital Transformation - Evolving a digitally enabled Nigerian Public Service

Governments in developing countries today are grappling with myriad challenges of governing in very demanding times. Fewer budgetary resources, legacy overhead from longstanding institutional inefficiencies, limited access to training resources, a more demanding public now enamored to the always on, online real-time access to services and information. All these factors have worked to exacerbate this situation. 

As a result, the challenges of governance in a developing environment in transition, has never been so great. In all this turmoil, government officials are generally aware that there exist several systems and automated alternatives that specifically address these challenges, in a cost effective and performance manner, but don't have accurate but accessible information about what specific solutions are available, how the various technology solutions address these type of burgeoning needs or what the best practice approaches are towards implementing these digital transformations.  

This book is written to bridge this knowledge gap and provide clear answers to the reader looking for answers. It is written in a clear but detailed manner, so as to provide a guide towards understanding the technology solution concepts, the specific scenarios where they can be applied especially in the context of developing environments, and the best approaches to be taken towards implementing such solutions while being aware of critical issues impacting execution. It would serve as a long-term solution reference that is relevant at all stages of moving government forward through a digital transformation effort.  

The final goal, is to empower governments of developing countries like Nigeria with the knowledge and tools required to provide sustainable long-term solutions for and to the benefit of their people.

Digital Transformation T-Shirt
Digital Transformation T-Shirt



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DEstonian Data Embassy


I know that you're making a big investment in me by committing to buy this book before it's completed and you'll be putting a great deal of faith in me to deliver on my promises.  

As well as checking out my Facebook page and website you can also look over some of the writing I've done for newspapers and LinkedIn. I hope that my past work shows you that I have the passion, commitment and ability to deliver the book that we all deserve. But of course this isn't just about me, it's about all of us, and that's why having your input to crowd-fund this project is so important. 

Your investment means that you're part of the process and part of telling the story.

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