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Your solution against indoor air pollution!

Hamburg, Germany


  • You are at your desk - and you are breathing toxic air. 
  • Your kids play with toys which emit toxic fumes. 
  • Your new pair of Jeans makes you sick. 
  • You've got a head-ache even though your A/C is on.   

How is that possible? 

Plastics, construction material, carpets, furnitor and even your clothes contain environmental pollutants and toxines which are evaporating into the air over time. 

With every breath these substances get into your body and make you sick.

You cannot see those toxines in the air you breath - but they are always there. Did you know that the air in your home or in your office is up to ten times more polluted than the air right next to a main street? 

The toxines can make you sick, cause allergies and give you head-aches.

Now imagine a device which can detect all these toxines in the air of your environment - and which bases on NASA research for space-stations.  

Imagine a device

  • which re-codes the air in your environment and neutralizes the toxins.
  • which produces fresh, clean air. 
  • which has its own energy source and is off the grid - it needs no power. Not even a filter-change is required - ever.

And then on top of everything this device is really good looking, too!

Wouldn't that be cool? 

Here you go: 

You can find some 30 plants worldwide, which are capable to convert pollutants into nutritians. This process only happens to a small degree in the leafs of those plants – up to90% of the effect is happening in the roots!

A key requirement: the roots must be able to breath.

Do you know a plant pot, that ventilates the roots of your plants and lets them breath?

Neither do we. And therefore we re-invented the plant pot.

AIRY is the first plant pot, which cleans the air in-doors. 

One AIRY system (pot, substrate, plant) can neutralize about 75% of the most dangerous environmental toxines in a room of 16 sqm (172 sqf) in only 24 hours. 

And AIRY is really good looking:

AIRY works with smart bio-filtering technology instead of a power plug: we use the natural power of the plant and the specially designed AIRY pot, which "ventilates" (by using the stack-effect) air through the roots of your plant.

A single in-door plant growing in AIRY is 8 times more effective in purifying your air from the bad guys shown on top than one growing in a usual flower pot.

The concept of AIRY bases on various scientific studies (especially NASA), which proof that plants can clean the in-door air from pollutants (more informations in "background" below).

But AIRY delivers more unique benefits for you. It's not only a well designed accessory for your living area, it also keeps 2,4 liters of water. The watering interval can be reduced to only every four to six weeks.

Also potting the plant is reduced to a bare minimum and repotting is a thing of the past.AIRY limits the growth of the roots: roots grow as long as there is resistance through the soil or a pot. Reaches a root the vents of our AIRY pot, it stops growing.

As you can see, AIRY comes with a "green thumb".

At the same time, AIRY provides the plant with ideal conditions to grow. With AIRY, ANY plant will grow magnificently through ideal care.

Compared to plants in ordinary pots, AIRY plants grow bigger and appear much healthier.

Contrary to common indoor plants, AIRY ventilates the roots of the plants. The air reaches the roots through vents in the plant pot and a stack effect washes the roots with it.Through this unique process, the roots can detox the air much quicker and most efficiently.

Here is how AIRY works: 

The following time lapse shows you our AIRY prototype and one of our heroes, an Anthuriam andreanum - as well as a lot of disco fog. There is no ventilation. Just a "Showlite sn-400" with extra-cold "Eurolite Smoke-Fluid B". Although the disco fog should actually keep the floor, it is pulled through the stack-effect upwards:


AIRY is protected by various international patents, i.e. in the U.S. (US 7237357,, the EU (EP 1377154 A1 and EP 1951027 B1, or Germany (DE 112005002870 B4, 

Several scientific studies (University of Peking, the german TÜV Nord, EPEA Umweltinstitut) confirm the effectiveness of the AIRY system. You can see and download all these documents here: By the way: "pollusan" was the name of the last prototype before we renamed it in AIRY. You'll find all these informations on our new website very soon.  

A brief insight in how air-filtering houseplants work you can find in the "garden blog" by Connor Macdonald:

More information about the "sick building syndrome": 

The original "study of interior landscape plants for indoor air pollution abatement" by NASA:

This report of ARD (german television, 15.1.2014) shows the removal of formaldehyde with "PolluSan", former prototyp of AIRY:

AIRY is the first and only plant pot that provides the full, scientifically proven and natural cleaning effect of plants through their roots.

AIRY is 8 times more effective than a usual plant pot in purifying your indoor air from pollutants like Benzene, Toluene, Formaldehyde and Ammonia - although it doesn't soil, doesn't need power and there is no filter to change!

AIRY guarantees for your home or workplace

  • lowest maintenance and care for your plants, through special substrate and a water tank of 2,2 liters.
  • perfect growth of your plants – also when you are lacking a „green thumb“
  • you can feel the fresher, healthier air around you!

Your main reward is AIRY. We want to deliver the plant pot with a diameter of 22cm. That fits perfect for most air purifying plants. 


Please write us an email to post(at) in which you specify the desired color of the cover and base. Please be forwarded us this mail not later than 3 days after the order. If we do not receive mail with color choice, we choose the color for you. You can find the availible colors also on our website .

That's all included in our packaging: 

1. Your personal AIRY.
2. Water level indicator.  
3. Activated carbon (in support of your substratum)
4. Expanded clay (as a drainage layer, so that the plant is not directly in connection with the water supply). 

Our packaging does not include the substrate and the plant. 

Our team is driven by the desire and passion of finding a solution for indoor pollution, which is one of the biggest underestimated problems of our time. 

Peer and the prototype.

Peer and the prototype.

Ämilios and Helge.

Ämilios and Helge.

But our team includes not only humans. The main job of purifying the air is done by these heroes:

If you want to know, which plant is the best for you: Please back our AIRY book and you will receive all necessary information.

Our adventure started years ago by trying to bring some air at the roots of a plant. Now we are on Kickstarter to enable production of AIRY in high volume, various colors and sizes. 

What's next?

We want to produce AIRY in different sizes. Our first AIRY has a diameter of 24cm. We are thinking about a smaller version with 18cm. What do you think?

Moreover the AIRY system will grow in the near future:

  • First, AIRY goes digital. Utilizing special sensors in the planting substrate, AIRY monitors the well-being of your plant. You can monitor the status of your plants any time through the AIRY smart-phone app. 
  • A special challenge for AIRY is to proof the effectiveness while cleaning the air. That is why we work in step two on the development of special sensors, which monitor the content of pollutants in the air. This allows to view the positive effect of AIRY for any customer.

So there is more to come. Stay tuned!

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