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AIRY by AIRY GreenTech

The world's first air purifier without a power plug

Hamburg, Germany

Air pollution is one of the biggest threats to mankind. And there is just one natural system available which is able to solve this problem: Plants. 

Do you know, how a plant is purifying the air? NASA discovered: This is happening in the roots. 

Therefore it was about time to re-invent the plant pot! AIRY is the first plant pot to ventilate the root system in a natural but highly-effective way. As a result, plants that grow in an AIRY can absorb pollutants up to 8 times as much as in conventional plant pots. 

The result: good air. For no one needs headache or tiredness.

We've done our first campaign for the AIRY pot on Kickstarter just a year ago - and it was a huge success. Since our official launch this January we've shipped nearly 20.000 AIRY pots in more than 50 countries! In the picture above you can see the AIRY pot on the right hand side. He is still available in 16 colours via Amazon or our website

Now we're introducing our next product: AIRY box. The AIRY box comes with a width of 50cm and is not just for one plant, but for two or three. As a result you will get much more fresh air by one AIRY system! 

And while the picture above is still a rendering, we've made a fotoshooting with our prototype in various settings, like this beautiful kitchen: 

But let us give you some more informations about the problem and our solution first. 

Plastics, construction material, carpets, furniture and even your clothes contain environmental pollutants and toxines which are evaporating into the air over time.

With every breath these substances get into your body and make you sick.

You cannot see those toxines in the air you breath - but they are always there. Did you know that the air in your home or in your office is up to eight times more polluted than the air right next to a main street?

You can find some 30 plants worldwide, which are capable to convert pollutants into nutritions without any residue. This process only happens to a small degree in the leafs of those plants – this effect is happening in the roots!

A key requirement: the roots must be able to breath.

Do you know a plant pot, that ventilates the roots of your plants and lets them breath?

Neither do we. And therefore we re-invented the plant pot.

That's how our AIRY system works: The inner pot is ventilated by the stack-effect. The soil (or mineral substrate) filters pollutants. The roots transform them into nutrients and put them to use.

That's how our AIRY system works: The inner pot is ventilated by the stack-effect. The soil (or mineral substrate) filters pollutants. The roots transform them into nutrients and put them to use.

The concept of AIRY bases on various scientific studies (especially NASA), which proof that plants can clean the in-door air from pollutants (more informations in "background" below).

Beside this the AIRY box delivers some more unique benefits for you. It's not only a well designed accessory, it also keeps 3,2 liters of water. The watering interval can be reduced to only every two to three weeks.

At the same time, AIRY provides the plant with ideal conditions to grow. With AIRY, ANY plant will grow magnificently through ideal care.

Compared to plants in ordinary pots, AIRY plants grow bigger and appear much healthier.

As you can see, AIRY box comes with a "green thumb".

If you don't know which plants fits best for you: Every packaging includes our book "Air up your Life" (printed version in english and german). If you want to get the book only, please back for it. But you can get a free download (PDF) in different languages as well: germanenglishspanishfrench

According to WHO 11,6% of global deaths in 2012 are associated with indoor and outdoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution has a larger share of 3.5 millions deaths a year (6.5 in total).  

Several scientific studies (University of Peking, the german TÜV Nord, EPEA Umweltinstitut) confirm the effectiveness of the AIRY system. You can see and download all these documents here. By the way: "pollusan" was the name of the last prototype before we renamed it in AIRY.

Our current AIRY system (the AIRY pot) has been tested by the very well-known Fraunhofer Institute. The results are simply amazing. You can find the test report for download in englishand german.

A brief insight in how air-filtering houseplants work you can find in the "garden blog" by Connor MacDonald.

More information about the "sick building syndrome" or "toxic home effect" you may find on Wikipedia.

The original "study of interior landscape plants for indoor air pollution abatement" was made by NASA.

AIRY has won several awards, among others the Red Dot Design Award 2016 and the German Design Award 2017

AIRY is supporting "Klimapatenschaft", a german based organization for managing "green logistics". As a first step our shippings are carbon-neutral. More information you can find here (in german). 

AIRY is protected by various international patents, i.e. in the U.S. (US 7237357), the EU (EP 1377154 A1 and EP 1951027 B1) or Germany (DE 112005002870 B4).

AIRY has been featured on


One plant in an AIRY is up to 8 times more effective than a plant in a usual plant pot in purifying your indoor air from bad smell, fine dust and pollutants like volatile organic compounds (Benzene, Toluene, Formaldehyde or Ammonia) - although it doesn't soil, doesn't need power and there is no filter to change!

AIRY guarantees for your home or workplace

  • lowest maintenance and care for your plants, through a water tank of 3,2 liters. 
  • perfect growth of your plants – even if you're lacking a „green thumb“. 
  • you can feel the fresher, healthier air around you!


Your reward as a backer of our campaign is the AIRY box. We will deliver the AIRY box in the following dimension:

That fits perfect for two or three air purifying plants. In our AIRY book (which is included in every package) we will give you an overview of the best fitting plants. 

That's all included in our packaging:

  • Your AIRY box in the colour you have chosen. 
  • Water level indicator. 
  • Installation instruction. 
  • Our AIRY book in german and in english (100 pages with all you have to know about air purifying plants) 
  • Two packages (1,6 liters each) of mineral substrate. You will need this substrate as a drainage layer, so that the plant is not directly in connection with the water supply of your AIRY box.

Please note: Our packaging does not include the plant(s) and you have to buy some more soil or mineral substrate. 

If you need advice how to plant an AIRY, this video of one of our customers from Finland may be helpful for you (though the tutorial is made for our first product, the AIRY pot). 

Our team is driven by the desire and passion of finding a solution for indoor pollution, which is one of the biggest threats of our time.

AIRY founders: Peer, Kai (with an AIRY pot) and Helge

AIRY founders: Peer, Kai (with an AIRY pot) and Helge

But our team includes not only humans. The main job of purifying the air is done by the plants. If you just want to know, which plant is the best for you: Please pledge our AIRY book and you will receive all necessary information. The book is also included in every single AIRY packaging.

We hope to start production of the AIRY box at the end of this year. Then we will send out all rewards to our backers all over Europe and Asia directly. 

For our backers in North America we have to send a container to our warehouse in Orlando (Florida) first to lower shipping costs. Therefore we need some more time (approximately February 2017). 

We will keep you informed about our progress in production and shipping via the "Update" section.  

Concerning shipping costs: We decided to work with DPD, a partner who stands for quality and the best pricing possible. Nevertheless shipping an item of nearly 7 kilograms (incl. book and mineral substrate) is not the same as sending a postcard...

Here you can see our first prototype: 

Our prototype (printed in 3D)

Our prototype (printed in 3D)

Some more pics (renderings):  





First draft of our packaging design

First draft of our packaging design

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