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An Epidemic of Distortions: Veteran PTSD

A bold documentary exposing the distortions of veteran PTSD

Minneapolis, MN

A bold documentary exposing the distortions surrounding PTSD that hinder American Veterans from finding purpose beyond the military

Veteran suicide tracker since campaign launch


22 veterans a day in the US commit suicide.  Let that sink in for a moment.  22 today.  22 tomorrow.  44 each weekend, 154 weekly and 660 each month.  More veterans will take their own life this year than all the combat casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan COMBINED.  This is truly an epidemic. 


What would you give to change this?  What if $22 could help tell stories of those who have not only survived but thrived despite their PTSD?  What if these stories could speak directly to veterans who need to hear them and, just maybe, change the direction of their life? 


This is our challenge for ice buckets, no fanfare, just giving what you can; together we can remove the stigma surrounding veteran PTSD. 



Watch the video above for clips from supporters who share why they believe in this project and what it means to them.  Tell us what this film will mean to you and it may get shared here as well!!  Personal, relevant, real.

What is An Epidemic of Distortions?

An Epidemic of Distortions: REDEPLOYED - Veteran PTSD is a documentary that addresses the misconceptions and distortions about PTSD that many people have. It explores the struggles that many JOE's face (see below for more on who JOE is), and discovers inspiring stories of success and triumph despite the circumstances.

The media and movies consistently portray PTSD as a debilitating and dangerous disorder. This has lead to many distorted and all too often negative views of military service, especially as it relates to PTSD. With veteran unemployment at or near all time highs, employers often assume a veteran will come with PTSD baggage; they will be broken, need to be fixed and it is a chance they do not want to take as they seek to hire new employees.

Who Is JOE?

JOE is a commonly used term referring to an Army soldier but also to anyone who serves in the armed forces. Popularized by the common references to G.I. JOE, the name dates back to World War II, where it was used as shorthand for the typical serviceman, known as a "Government-Issue Joe." A Brief History of G.I. Joe

Why JOE Needs Your Help

While our population continues to grow in the US, the veteran population continues to shrink in total numbers and as a percentage of the total population. Less than 8% of our nation has served in the armed forces and at any given time, less than 1% is serving currently.

With little connection to those who serve, the narrative around what service really consists of is all too often (mis)formed through the media and movies. This narrative must change and we need your help to do it.

Why We Need Your Help

In order to make this film we will be traveling around the country capturing the amazing experiences and stories of veterans that suffer from PTSD. How do they cope? What struggles do they continue to face? These stories are inspiring and deserve to be shared. We need to send our crew to these people. We need the equipment that will allow us to create an engaging and beautiful film. This is a large project and will take time and money to create. We need your help to make this important film a reality. Our production team is an experienced team of design and film creatives with a passion for telling great stories. We are committed to bringing this important message to light - we already have the veterans identified and they are ready to bring their stories to life. Their stories can't be told without your help.

What are some of the misconceptions about veterans and PTSD?

Misconception – The military causes PTSD: It is called Post Traumatic Stress, not Post Military Stress. The military life can expose one to trauma but it does not cause PTSD, trauma does.

Misconception – All combat veterans have PTSD: Not all veterans experience trauma during combat and no two people react to trauma in the same way.

Misconception – Deployment causes PTSD: Deployment is proven to cause absence from family and loved ones, leaving family and loved ones is typically not traumatic enough to warrant PTSD.

Misconception – PTSD is exclusive to the military: As trauma is not exclusive to the military, neither is PTSD. Yet, the stigma remains for veterans, regardless of whether they have PTSD or not.

Misconception – Vets with PTSD are unstable, ticking time bombs: Most who have PTSD do not desire to relive their trauma, violence against others is the last thing they want to do. When violence occurs, it is overwhelmingly against themselves. 22 veterans a day are committing suicide, more have died in the last 13 months than combat deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

Misconception – PTSD is permanent and prevents one from living a normal life and achieving success: When one understands PTSD there is nothing they cannot accomplish. They are not broken and do not need to be fixed, just forever changed - they are SURVIVORS!!

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Helping JOE comes with rewards

While the rewards are listed at the right, pictures are shown below. They are not the final designs but will give an idea of what our gear may look like.



Team and Story

Dennis Davis

Author, Speaker, Filmmaker, Veteran Transition Expert, USAFR Officer, Chief Translation Officer - Metafrazo

As founder of talent acquisition consulting firm Metafrazo and NYAJ Media (, Dennis brings diverse talent acquisition experience spanning several industries and most functional areas. Covering more than 10 years, he has worked on assignments including contract & contract to permanent hiring, contingency based searches and direct internal hires. Dennis provides expertise in hiring for operations, sales, IT and various corporate support positions for both non-exempt and exempt level employees. He has provided strategic leadership and tactical execution support for teams of 14 members in support of more than 2,000 positions across most of the United States.  He is the author of “Not Your Average Joe: Profiles of Military Core Values and Why They Matter in the Private Sector” (May 2013) and co-author of “Not Your Average Joe: An Epidemic of Distortions – Veteran PTSD” (Fall 2014).

In addition to his corporate experience, Dennis brings over 11 years of service in the US Air Force Reserves (still actively serving) and several years of active duty service in the US Navy. Enlisting in 1991, he served as a Gunner’s Mate with responsibility for the Mark 41 Vertical Launch Missile System aboard the USS Shiloh (CG-67). He was honorably discharged in 1994 and returned to school to finish his undergraduate degree prior to reenlisting in the Air Force Reserves in 2003. He completed schooling in Security Forces before being selected to receive his commission through the Deserving Airman program and completed the commissioning process as a graduate of the Academy of Military Science in 2005 and holds the rank of Captain.

Dennis has deployed twice in support of both Operations IRAQI and ENDURING FREEDOM. A highly decorated veteran, after completing just one year of commissioned service in 2006 he was selected as the Air Force Reserve Command Company Grade Officer of the Year for his career field.  In June of 2014 Dennis was presented with the Hero of the Year for the military community by the American Red Cross, Northern MN Region.

A four year letterman in football, Dennis obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Bethel University and a Master in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.



Joe Beard

Director, Director of Photography, Executive Producer

For more than twenty years Joe has been performing, producing and directing creative content, interactive and experiential events. As a film director and executive producer, Joe brings a deep production expertise from both sides of the camera as well as a wealth of knowledge from the pre-production planning of a production through the principal photography and final post-production editorial and finishing. A renaissance man at heart, Joe has experience and a passion for both the technology side of production as well as the artistic and creative side. He has performance experience as a stage actor, film actor, and singer. He has provided leadership and strategic development of ideas and story crafting for a variety of content from marketing and branded content to deeper character style narratives. He is a director as well as a gifted director of photography. In 2013, after five years as a director in the creative agency world, Joe founded Bionic Giant, a hybrid creative boutique based in Minneapolis. He and his team are excited to partner with Dennis Davis to dive into the subject of PTSD, its impact on the lives of the American Veterans who have bravely learned to deal with its effects in their lives after the military to find new purpose and a new mission, as well as issuing a call and challenge to employers to rise above the stereotypes and distortions about PTSD and hire our veterans. In 1992 Joe earned his B.A. in Theatre Arts from Marquette University. He is a devoted husband and proud father of three beautiful daughters.

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