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Ancient History Encyclopedia

The Best Ancient History Information for Free Online.

Horsham, UK

Ancient History Encylopedia has a mission to teach you about ancient history in a way that is fun, reliable, and easy to understand. It’s a free, non-profit educational website. We use many different forms of digital media to keep history interesting, and a place a where you can always keep exploring and learning new things.  

All the information on our website is well-researched and referenced, everything is reviewed before we publish. We are neutral, our information comes from a non-biased stand point, we want to analyse history from every angle and share that with you.  

Image: Charvaka School

Our revenue comes mainly from donations, advertisements, and book sales. Everything that we take in, we invest back into AHE to create a better service for you. We are passionate about what we do, and we want to continue doing it! But keeping a free service running has many expenses such as running the site (servers & traffic), historical source books for our authors, and various subscriptions. 

We use different medias to make ancient history as fun and interactive as possible; interlinked timeline, interactive maps, illustrations, etc. We believe that digital media is far better-suited to representing the relationships between historical events than textbooks are, especially in education.

History is a story worth telling, it should be exciting and well presented. Therefore we aim to convey in all our content our belief that history is the greatest story ever written. We regularly publish interviews with historians and archaeologists, in which they share their passion for ancient history with our readers.

Education for all. All our original content is available to teachers to freely distribute in class. Our content is aligned with the school history curriculum, making us an excellent source for students and educators. We’re an open education resource listed in the OER Commons and we also share our data through the academic Pelagios network, side by side with institutions such as The British Museum and Kings College. Schools and universities worldwide are already using our content to teach students about ancient history.  


Team and Story


Ancient History Encyclopedia was founded in 2009 by Jan van der Crabben. As a designer of historical computer games, Jan realized that the internet was missing a reliable and comprehensive resource for ancient history information. Most information was either scattered across various websites, was nearly illegible due to bad presentation, or had a distinct nationalistic agenda. 
He believes that history is not one linear story, but rather many stories where everything is interlinked.
After much programming during daily train rides from London to Horsham and several months later, the first working version of Ancient History Encyclopedia was born. A few months later, in August 2009, it was launched to the public. Since then, it has grown from a small history website to one of the largest and most popular websites on ancient history.


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