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They said they would cure her allergies. They Lied.

Williston, ND, United States

They said they would cure her allergies. They Lied. Every kid dreams of having super powers, except Wendy. She doesn't have to...because she can give them.

The Colorworld Series is 7 books of Superhero-Light, Apocalyptic, New Adult, Brother/Sister Team-Up, Urban Fantasy AMAZINGNESS starring Wendy, Gabe, Ezra, and Kaylen. 

Wendy is a 19 year old college student who can sense the emotions of others when she touches them. She needs money so she goes to an allergy study for some cash...but has a freak accident (or is it?) that means now when she touches someone, their life is at risk! At least that's how it seems at first. By the time book 3 rolls around, we learn that Wendy's lethal skin is merely a symptom of a much more powerful ability with higher stakes. The series is designed to take you on a journey that will ask harder and harder questions with each book. More action. More characters. More suspense. More twists. This is what you can expect from this series.

Wendy Tags the Batmobile.

Guardians of the Colorworld!

Wendy takes on Doctor Who!

Any Reader who orders $100 or more will receive one of the 3 concept art prints (11" x 17")!

Batman Concept - first look.

Harley Quinn Concept - first look.

Any Reader above $250 will receive the Doctor Who Concept Piece:

Wendy vs. Doctor Who - First Look


The following Genres and Themes are in the series:

1) Superheroes - PARANORMAL is out and SUPERHERO is IN!!! (but not the spandex wearing, laser beams from the eyes, flying around type) This version of heroes is like the old Fox show Heroes...believable ones, with realistic powers that readers can see happening. (And in reality, since book 1 was released, we continue to receive real-life accounts of people with just such abilities--which is actually pretty darn neat)

2) That kind of realism makes this an Urban Fantasy because it takes place in the world we know.  California primarily.  The Series will also find our characters in Wyoming, New York, South Dakota, Washington, Nevada, and more!

3) Young Adult & New Adult (boy is this genre hot right now)(It's not intentional that Rachel writes what's hot when it's hot...she's just that good)(Many of the characters are college-age or late teens).

4) Romance - but not the kind you can't read around your Mom.  Real, honest love between people.  AND it's not the focus of the books, so you get a well written relationship between two super cool people without having to read anything you just want to skip over.  This is the real deal-everyone needs to read-holy cow did she just say that out loud-I have to read this again-romance.

5) Everyone loves the moment when we find out Luke is really Leia's sister (kind of...didn't they kiss)?  The brother/sister fight against the evil forces in the world is a fun theme...not to be excluded from any amazing Book Series.  The Weaselys do it in Harry Potter. Heck, Hansel & Gretel teamed up to fight evil at least TWICE (old fairytale and a movie).  Bottom line, we all love a good brother & sister dynamic.

Why Megafounder?

With this project, we hope to accomplish four main objectives:

1) Publish hard back editions of every book in the series, as well as special editions that include illustrations.

2) Develop audiobooks so that the entire story can be told in whatever format people relate to best.Audiobooks require both a voice actor/actress AND a sound engineer to do the soundscape and post production.

3) Create a Colorworld buzz/Pay for marketing materials so we can get the word out! We have plans to tour the Comic Con & Wizard World circuit to get the word out about this series in the coming year. But we can't do that without funds! We have already toured locally and been extremely successful. This makes us confident that if we can just get in front of people, we can get people excited about the Colorworld. We also want to be able to create content regularly, both on the website, facebook, and our YouTube channel. The Colorworld is meant to be relatable, and most of all, be viable enough to make you seriously wonder, "What if this was real?" Because of that, we believe Colorworld can be more than just a book. It can be a forum, an idea, a motivator. Megafounder can help us make Colorworld what we know it can be.

4) Continue to deliver high quality in every aspect of the series. This includes continuing to hire professional photographers, digital designers, artists, multiple editors, professional voice actresses/actors for the audiobook, and effective marketing materials that deliver the message that this is NOT just another indie book. Check out some of the things we've got in the works:

Wendy doesn't mind a little friendly competition (and neither do we):

Even Doctor Who can't do some things.

Why should we keep making these books?

Humanity is losing hope in itself. Somehow, in the critical time between childhood and adulthood, we are learning to believe that humankind, as a whole, is more evil than good. We are not just taught, but encouraged to accept this as inevitable.

We reject this.

Colorworld is more than just a story. It's an idea. We honestly and sincerely feel that the series will make you think. It is meant to jar you. Maybe even upset you. Book 1 of the series sets the foundation for this by teaching you who Wendy is and what she struggles with. More importantly, when you read it we know you'll be thinking of all the places the Colorworld could go. The rest of the series will take you there as well as places you didn't expect. And in the end, the Colorworld will rekindle that hope in human kind that you might have lost.

A tall order? Yep. But we refuse to accept that the job belongs to someone else with more funds, more voice, more say, more authority. And we know that deep down, you believe this, too.

Can you make that a little clearer?

In case you are not a math genius, let me translate: Everything you like about every amazing pop-culture event is contained in Colorworld in the precise amounts to create the GREATEST book series ever all Universes ever made.

Who should NOT read this book:

1) It's not non-fiction like this (at least not that we know of for sure):

WHAT?!? Sarah Palin beat us to redoing the Rogue story? We really thought we were original with this idea...

This story is a figment of Rachel's imagination and any similarities to Sarah Palin's autobiography are freak accidents.  No confirmed cases of superhumans have been recorded to date...although Batman is probably not that far beyond the reach of a REALLY rich guy who knows how to beat people up and is friends with the police commissioner.

2) It's not a "real romance". 

This was briefly the Beta version of the cover for Colorworld. And by briefly we mean NEVER.

'Member above when I mentioned romance? Well, a "typical" romance novel is a consumable. It's filled with scenes where people take off clothes and do things your parents & church tell you to wait until you are married to do. This isn't that book. While it contains a terrific, true-to-life romance, it isn't one of those books with the naked guy on the cover of it holding some woman in a "gentle but firm" way.

3) It's NOT a paranormal romance.


There was no sucking of blood in the making of Colorworld. Only authors with big publishers need lawyers. Wait, is that offensive to lawyers?

There are no werewolves, vampires, warlocks, wizards, or other staples of the paranormal fantasy world.  (Sorry Twilight fans...but we really do think you'll like this Series!)

4) It's NOT high fantasy.

There was no sucking of blood in the making of Colorworld. Only authors with big publishers need lawyers. Wait, is that offensive to lawyers?

It took J.R.R. Tolkien from 1936 to 1954 to complete Middle Earth, including all its languages, scenery, races, and history.  THAT IS INTENSE!  That is 18 years to create a total new world we could "live in" while we read the tales of Middle Earth.  The Colorworld Series will be published in entirety by 2018 (just 4 years from now), and above all, we want it to pattern the rules of reality as closely as we possibly can so that we can relate to it here and now.

Can I get a taste of the Colorworld RIGHT NOW?

Yes! COLORWORLD, book 1 is out and available on KindleNook, as well as in Print.

Colorworld, book 2, TELEWORLD, is also available on Kindle, as well as in Print.

Colorworld, book 3, LUMAWORLD, will be available in print and on Kindle in December, 2014!

Tell me more about these illustrations!

We've commissioned amazing artists, Mike Richardson and Garrett Richert, to begin bringing the pages of the Colorworld to life. Seeing the characters we've poured our hearts into take on new dimensions just has us all giddy inside! But we want more!

Mike Richardson has already started illustrating the interior of Book 1: Colorworld.

Wendy finds out what THEY did to her!

Wendy learns something shocking about her friend, Kaylen...

And here is a scene from Teleworld!

Wendy can hear her team from a mile away.

We are unstoppable. Books, eBooks, Audiobooks, and Graphic Novels are just the beginning. Colorworld is intended to reach out from the pages. We already have visions for clothing, art, extended distribution, extended tours in more cities, and more access to everything Colorworld. If this stretch goal is reached, we will screen write  Colorworld for movie production.

We hope you are excited about the Colorworld as much as we are!  Jump in, contribute, be a part of Making Colorworld!  You can do more homework on us and check out what others have said about the Series so far by going here:

Get the 411 on Colorworld! 

Where can I find you?

Team and Story

I started writing seriously 5 years ago, but it wasn't until my husband convinced me to publish a nonfiction piece I had written, "A Rig is Down" on my blog. Little did I know his plans were to send it to every local newspaper and online blog/paper. Before I knew it I was getting calls from friends, family, and people I didn't even know about how the story spoke to them and helped them to see oilfield life differently.
Having proven to me that my writing could reach people, Brad challenged me to then turn the 6 books in the Colorworld Series I had written into published novels. Colorworld, book one, was published in December of 2013. Two more novels in the series followed within a year.
In October we funded a KickStarter to commission 7 different artists illustrate the interiors of the books. Each book will include12-15 full-color pages.  The 1st of these books, Colorworld Special Illustrated Edition, will debut at Wizard Raleigh in March.
In November, spurned by the positive reception of the Colorworld story, we decided to go all in. We sold all of the furniture, rented out the house, and booked 42 Conventions for 2015. We bought an RV and took our family of 6 on the road in order to share the Colorworld with fans all over the East Coast, Midwest, and Texas. 
Wizard World New Orleans kicked off the Colorworld Book Tour in 2015 and we'll be at 46 different Conventions around the country as we live the #ConLife.
We will be on a West Coast Tour in 2016!
Complete Tour Dates Here: 
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