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Frank's Adventures

An illustrated book for kids & adults

New York, NY, United States

Thanks to the amazing support of our Megafounder community, Dog Gone - Frank's Adventures has been published successfully! If you missed out on the original printing or you want another copy for a friend, don't worry. We have a copy waiting just for you! 

The story behind Dog Gone - Frank's Adventures:

Dog Gone - Frank's Adventures tells the tall tales of a little dog as he gets lost in the woods and, in the process, finds his place in the world. It's a heart-warming story of adventure, family and home, perfect for adults and children alike.

Meet Frank. He likes long walks, treats, napping, and a rousing game of tug-of-war. Frank is also an experienced adventurer.

I was fostering Frank for Sugar Mutts Rescue in 2015 and we took a road trip into the woodsy Catskills area of upstate New York. Frank saw some birds playing and took off into the trees. He was lost in those woods for a week while we searched everywhere for him, putting up signs in local towns and enlisting the help of communities online.

After a very long week, I received a call saying Frank had been found! He'd wandered up to someone's porch and sat down, a little fatter and none the worse for wear, ready to go home. As soon as I saw him again and watched him wiggle his way into my arms, I knew I was keeping him forever. 

Since then, I've been listening to Frank tell his stories about adventuring and exploration. I don't know how much of it is true and how much is embellished, but he tells a pretty good story so you're sure to enjoy it. That's why I decided to write it down and illustrate it.

The underlying message of the story is about finding your place in the world. Through the story of Dog Gone - Frank's adventures, the ideas of foster care and adoption (applicable to both dogs and children) are handled with a gentle sense of humor. Directed primarily at children aged 4-7, it's a fun read accompanied by beautiful images and a heartwarming message for kids and adults of all ages.

Sneak peek:

Reward levels:

For your generous donations, you will get one or more of the following:

  • our heartfelt thanks
  • a 3x3" vinyl sticker featuring Dog Gone - Frank's Adventures cover artwork and a 2x2" vinyl sticker featuring Frank and the deer plus a positive affirmation
  • the one, the only DOG GONE - FRANK'S ADVENTURES book! Self-published, hand-drawn and written by myself (Shawn Carney), based on a true-story experienced by Frank Carney (or so he would have me believe based on his stories about the week he went missing), this book is bound to have a special place on your bookshelf for years to come
  • a signed copy of DOG GONE - FRANK'S ADVENTURES book! Have your copy inscribed for yourself or include a special message and gift it to someone special! Frank's handwriting is pretty bad, so I'll take care of this for the both of us.

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