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Bilbao, Spain

This is a new accessory born 16 years ago after an accident suffered in the water. That was real an impact happening, near to die. And from that date I was trying to make an inflatable swimtrunk...and, till here I have arrived.

This year I present FUGU´s to a wearable project, called "5 PROTOTYPES", with the collaboration of Paola Guimerans, from PARSONS UNIVERSITY, Spacio Open and Bilbao Ekintza.

The Fugu is the name of the BLOWFISH, that inflates itself in case of any problem. Basically we have the same performance, if have any problem in the water we pull our cord and automatically the hippouch will be inflated.

Our accessory is a hippouch that has an inflatable inside, with a CO2 bottle. There are two options, one manual that you pull the cord that activates the inflatable and another automathic that if you fell into the water it will be inflated automathically.

We have created like a "magic box", waterproof resistant that wears inside a gps with a sim card that connect the person who is in the water with a "rescue" phone.
It´s focused to fishers, and other people that normally travell by ship. Also with the hip pouch the people inside the ships will have more maneuvrability and in case that the fell into the water, they could be located.

This is the part that we pretend to improve with the founding help, we need more technology support at this area, making the box smaller and more compact, also with big numbers the box price will be cheaper.

It´s great to make this travel with you support trying to make real an abstraction, an idea who appeared from a big scare. Let´s try to make the world safer.


We will donate 2% of the total to the "Hospital San Joan de Deu", to fight child´s cancer.


Here you have acces for a better explanation:


Team and Story

Bïnik is a brand that was born from the idea to link literature and paint, and it´s on the textil area where it finds the space to work in.

Most of the designs try to talk about a story, some born from ideas from books, films, travels or simply from own experiences or passing ideas.

Nowadays we live in  an artificial world, and we forget that we are from other habitat far away from the plástic and the cement.

The science tell us, that there are eleven dimensions, instead of three, and we don´t understand where we really are, but what it´s true, is that we are formed by atoms,
and inside them there are electrons, and in all these quantum links, there is empty spaces. So we are formed by empty spaces and quantum universes inside us. We are vibrational status, all are vibes and all is connected.

The Bïnik team is only formed by one person, with the big difficulty of create, design, follow the product, create the catalogs, move the brand, and all the rest of the I+D...but behind that there is a big support, my family, my couple and specially my daughter, KATTALIN.

Every morning I can see the word, MOTIVATION in her face. So she is my big inspiration, the diesel that moves Bïnik. She is the one that can take out the child that is inside me.

Thanks for your support!!

Following our brand policy, we will donate 1€ for each sale to the the San Joan de Deu Hospital (Barcelona), for the Children Cancer Research.

Siguiendo la política que se lleva a cabo en la marca, de cada compra se donará 1€ en favor del Hopital San Joan de Deu de Barcelona, para la Invesitgación contra el Cáncer Infantil.

 Why the crwodfounding? Because we want to expand the idea, making real the project in which we believe. Actually all our economy is focused into Bïnik garment production and we can not expend it in this project without any help. And we can not work with Banks, we preffer to give our money to the Children´s Cancer Research. Helping the children, our future. Thanks for all your support!!






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