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Gastown - The Web Series

A Web Series - #ZeroCarbonFootprint, Banned in China. W

Vancouver, BC, Canada

About Gastown

Let's face it - Shows about 20-year-olds are written by 40-year-olds; They never accurately portray the attitudes prevalent to this lively and energetic age-group.

Gastown at night

Gastown at night

Set in the most romantic district of Vancouver, BC, Gastown is a show written, produced, and synthesized by people of Generation Y. It's the only show relevant to the attitudes and zeitgeist of our era. 

Rather than giving you a long-winded list of characters, storylines, and vision, we'll simply let our project's first episodes speak for itself. If you haven't seen what we've come up with, you can view our first two episodes here:

Episode 1

Episode 2


 Episode 3

What we are:     

We are incendiary, satirical, and ruthlessly honest. We believe in deep characters and real tragedies. We break rules in conventional writing but still come out familiar. We strive to make you laugh, cry, and do both at the same time. We are Generation Y.

The crew taking a break during a shoot.

The crew taking a break during a shoot.

What we are not:

Our Ethos
1. Concision. 
2. Documenting real challenges of our generation's lives.
3. To entertain you.

Major Expenses
Locations and Permits - Vancouver is expensive to film. In order to produce content outside of an apartment and a coffee shop, we will need permits and equipment.

Working on a shot.

Working on a shot.

Specialists and Equipment - Certain skills requiring years of training and specialized equipment are inaccessible without a budget. These include sound facilities, props, costumes, coloring labs, and heavier equipment.

Our sound supervisor, mixing Gastown in a studio.

Our sound supervisor, mixing Gastown in a studio.

Cast and Crew - With the entire creative staff already donating their time, the rest of our expenses covers the well-being of our cast and crew. This includes necessary safety expenses, accommodations, travel costs and, most importantly, food. A respectful, safe, and happy environment is conducive to successful content creation.

Our stars.

How you can help without donating:
If you like what we've done, help us; Get the word out. Let your friends know that our Generation is capable of great endeavours! We promise to take you on a journey to make the best show we possibly can. And along that journey, we'll share with you our laughter and tears.

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