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Life has a Soundtrack. Control Yours.

Boston, MA, United States
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GoGlove is a wearable wireless remote control designed to seamlessly interact with your mobile device. We want to help you enjoy your favorite moments without the distraction of your phone.

 How it works  

With sensors placed in the fingertips and a magnet in the thumb, the Bluetooth module connects to your phone allowing for remote control. A free app opens many new features and lets you to customize which functions you want to use to interact with your phone. You can control any music app remotely when you are running, biking, skiing, at the gym, or simply walking to work. We know music can make the moment, and we want you to control yours.

GoGlove can go beyond just music though, allowing you to control your camera, GoPro®, and even other apps, all at the same time as your music. This is a perfect companion to anyone on the go. 

GoGlove can even use audio cues to let you know your GoPro® has started and stopped, so no more guessing if you captured that great shot.

*Note - This is a Pre-Buy payment.  Gloves deliver June 2015.  Your support now comes with a big discount off the $129 retail price.

The design

GoGlove uses high quality materials in a thin glove liner that can be worn on its own or underneath another glove. With our patent pending AirTap technology, you can wear any outer glove without losing functionality. We included an "activate sensor" at the base of the middle finger to ensure you don't accidentally change a song. Since we are using Bluetooth Low Energy, the battery will last up to 6 months of daily use. 

Remote Module

The GoGlove remote can be easily removed from the zipper pouch in the wrist of the glove and used on its own. 5 buttons on the top are activated when detached from the glove. This design change now gives you a stand-alone phone remote and makes GoGlove a truly all-year round product. Clip it to your shirt, strap it to a bike, put it on a key chain, or wear it on your wrist. Now you have seamless device control anywhere, anytime.  

Music makes the moment  

We believe Music can be accessed and controlled easier. Interacting with your device means fishing it out of your pocket and fumbling to make a change. Think of all the times you've been taken away from a special moment to mess with your phone. Everyone has their life's soundtrack. Leave your phone in your pocket, and control better and faster, than ever before.

Beyond Music

While GoGlove is perfect for controlling music, it can do so much more. Here are some amazing new developments: 

  • Camera Remote
  • GoPro® control
  • Free app for iOS and Android for customization
  • Cloud services powered by Spark IO

We will be releasing the initial software in the free app when we ship the first gloves.  We plan to release multiple software updates following the schedule below.  Your wireless module can be used for so much more than controlling music.  No need to purchase another smart button since the module can do anything with the Internet of Things.  Check out the awesome capabilities you will get when you buy the module or the GoGlove!!


We will release a publicly available API for GoGlove.  Developers will be able to utilize the functions of GoGlove and integrate it into their apps. The API will be available in May 2015.  Beta Package supporters will get access earlier.

While developing GoGlove we have created a Bluetooth LE control board that works with the Spark IO Cloud for devices connected to the internet. This is a huge upgrade over the previous design.  This technology is fantastic and helps people create better and more secure products even faster. 

For the hackers and makers out there, we will be following up this project with an open source hardware and software version of the development board. You will be able to utilize what we have created for your own projects or GoGlove integration.


Over the past year, we have developed several generations of the product, refining the design and fixing issues at each stage. We have worked to secure manufacturers for all parts, and ensure quality control of the final product. 

 We have tested GoGlove in multiple environments to ensure its durability. Our design is the perfect mix of functionality, battery life, and size. The funding you provide will allow us to go into full production and order the first batch of GoGloves by covering the tooling costs and helping us reach minimum order quantities. 

 Our high level milestones include:

  • September: Finalize and freeze all designs
  • November: Receive initial production runs of all parts
  • December: Finalize manufacturing process
  • January: Order first round of full production units
  • April: Receive first units and package for shipment
  • June 2015: Deliver first GoGloves to our backers 

Tech Specs

  • Bluetooth LE 4.0
  • iOS 7+ (requires iPhone 4s or later, iPad 3 or later)
  • Android 4.4+ (requires BLE enabled device)
  • Music Functions - Play/Pause, Skip/Back Track, Volume Up/Down
  • Battery Life up to 6 months
  • Camera - Take Picture
  • GoPro® control 


      • Native Apps (iTunes, Google Play, iTunes Radio, etc) 
      • 3rd Party Apps (Pandora, Spotify) 
      • Activate Siri - iOS 7+ only
      • Supporting any level of funding will make GoGlove a reality. We are so excited to bring this product into full production. See our website for more information.

Special Thanks

We would like to extend a special thanks to people who have helped us along the journey

  • Mike Wong - For being a sounding board
  • Guy Oliveira - For the hardware reviews
  • Jessica Bryk - Creative brains
  • Paula Binkley - Seamtress extraordinaire
  • Morgan Pearson and Candace Underhill - Best Actresses
  • In The Car Media ( - For the awesome new video
  • Artisans Asylum ( - The best hackerspace in Boston
  • Bethie Ely - For just, everything...
  • And of course, to our wonderful wives and families for hanging with us while we chase a dream!

Risks and challenges

Our team is committed to developing GoGlove. We have made significant investments in production and design work and your funds will help us implement the manufacturing run of the first line of GoGloves.

As with any electronics product, there are many challenges surrounding turning an idea into a product ready to be manufactured. We have worked to mitigate these issues by working with multiple suppliers and manufacturers, and seeking expertise in the industry.

We have learned so much in the past year. Many of the challenges we have experienced in design and contract manufacturing are behind us. Our team has experience in these final stages, more than we had in the initial stages. We may still encounter issues but this is the final stretch. Be a part of that final push to make GoGlove a reality. Thank you!

Team and Story

My cousin Eric and I have been skiing for years. He's the techy genius and I'm the business guy. Sitting on a chairlift, we talked about how much we liked skiing while listening to music but how difficult it was to control. GoGlove seemed like such a simple and easy way to listen to music on the mountain and we committed to make this dream become a reality. We have developed a great team to bring this product to the market to improve the way you interact with your phone.

A little about us: 
Eric and I were born 364 days apart and grew up together. We lived on opposite coasts and our families got together a couple times a year for beach or ski trips. We are now living near each other in New England. Our young kids get to hang out which gives us some time to work on GoGlove... And when we say "some time", it's usually plain insanity but we get it done. We are usually spending late nights working on our business plan or coding the latest firmware. We are so passionate about this product and we greatly appreciate the support from our families. When we hit on this idea, we knew this could be a winner and haven't stopped since. Ben's background is Sales and Marketing and Eric has been working in software and technology. We are the perfect pair for this project and have hired several other individuals to make the dream a reality.

Whats next? 
This isn't the last product we will develop. We have an extensive list of inventions that we know will help people. While this product is awesome, its our first big step to making a difference in this world. We hope you will join us.

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