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Before posting your product or creative project

Megafounder is a venue that allows creative businesses to raise growth funds for their projects by offering certain goods or services (rewards), and other users to back them.

Before you post your project to Megafounder, you must agree to the following:

1. Listings must be related to a product or creative project.

You can offer products (including pre-orders and monthly subscriptions), as well as related offerings or services. Also, you must own the rights to offer the items you are posting, or have specific authorization to represent the creator.

Projects must be in a development stage or have an already marketed product. Projects can be listed under collections such as Art, Books, Games, Tech, Gadgets, Design, Music, Film, etc.

2. You must meet at least one of the following:

– You have run a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign and got positive reviews.

– You are already selling and delivering (online or physically).

– You are registered as a legal entity (LLC, Corp, etc.).

*Hardware and Design: Products must be clear about their state of development. If the final version is not ready yet, a prototype demonstrating the product's current functionality must be shown. You must explain how the final design is likely to differ from the prototype, and include an estimated timeline.

*Charity projects are limited to registered organizations.

3. Listings can’t contain or involve prohibited items

See what is not allowed here.

4. Who can list a project on Megafounder?

Listing projects is currently open to creators over the age of 18, businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations anywhere in the world.