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A Gamers' Strategy and Tactics Board Game

Stockholm, Sweden

Fire, water, earth, air and spirit are the elements of which worlds are created. It is your duty to unite them into a world in balance. Beware, if the balance is disturbed, the elements will clash and the unity will break until only one element dominates the world. But perhaps that is what you secretly desire?

You are a God striving to form and control units of the five Elements. Once a unit is formed, an icon of the strongest element is placed in it. Once a unit is connected to unit of a different element, the two units clash. The player with the most units at the end of the game wins. You will want to weaken the other elements first and, when the time is right, claim the icons for your own element.

Components from The Game Crafter

Components from The Game Crafter

  • The game board is printed on a 60pt chipboard covered with matte finish paper on one side and black backing on the other.
  • The tokens are made of 60pt chipboard and are printed full-color and full-bleed and are double-sided.
  • (The second stretch goal replaces the chipboard tokens with wood-filled chips and stickers.)
  • The icons are made of glass and approximately 3/4" in diameter.
  • The rules are saddle stitched, full color, and full bleed.

Prototype from The Game Crafter

Prototype from The Game Crafter

Download the complete rules at or at

The unique mechanism of Iconoclasm is the so called circular relation between the players where A supports B, B supports C etc. This mechanism, in combination with the players playing each others' colors, opens up numerous paths to victory.

Should you build a strong unit of your own element? Should you support another element only to take over its unit? Or should you form other units, see them deformed and among the ruins form your own unit?

You must find the answer yourself!

Close view of prototype from The Game Crafter

Close view of prototype from The Game Crafter

All Us Geeks is currently reviewing Iconoclasm and the review is expected to be published at at any time.

You can also read what others think about Iconoclasm at Boardgamegeek and The Game Crafter

  • BGG user bblasterfire: "My family liked the theme of the game."
  • BGG user sparr0: "The game reminds me of Clans."
  • TGC user 3rd Eye: "Visually appealing."
  • TGC user TheGuardian163: "Awesome!"

Of course! Complete Print & Play files are available here in different formats (A4, US Letter, Color, Black & White):

You may also play the game online at Vassal at

My vision has always been to design games based on no-dice game mechanisms, balance between cooperation and competition and interesting themes. Iconoclasm takes this one step further with its unique game mechanisms where the players may play each others' colors and where they are all related to each other.

This creates a game full of intensity, interaction and interdependence. In addition, Iconoclasm is free from luck and only your player skill determines the outcome. Deep? Yes, immensely! Complex? No, not at all. Welcome to the world of Iconoclasm!

Close view of prototype from The Game Crafter

Close view of prototype from The Game Crafter

Now, let's look at the first stretch goals:

With SEK 5 000 ($666), The Game Crafter will offer Iconoclasm at a cost of $25 per game. Adding a shipping cost of $8-$16 depending on where you live, I will be able to offer free worldwide shipping. Thank you!

With SEK 15 000 ($2000), I will be able to add a strategy booklet. Iconoclasm is easy to learn but this will help you master the game. Thank you!

With SEK 30 000 ($4 000), the cardboard chits can be replaced by wooden token chips with stickers for a more tactile gameplay. Thank you!

With SEK 45 000 ($6 000), what would you like to see?

Iconoclasm would never have come this far without the fantastic support from The Game Crafter community. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to members like B.L. Garver "VideoGarver" (video production), Dan - LetimanGames (campaign feedback), King Me Games (game review), 3rdEye (design feedback) and TheGuardian163 (game test) as well as many other members and communities who have participated along the way. You are the best!

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