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Smart sports drinks bottle + built-in storage

Wilmington, DE

Multi-compartment Drinks shaker Bottle + Filter. Cool,Clever & Stylish for Hydration,Nutrition & Personal Storage for fitness & Sports!

Introducing the Intelishake

The Intelishake is a patent-pending, multi-compartment, modular, mix & match bottle for sports drinks, smoothies, and juices, which features two dry storage compartments – one for capsules, pills, vitamins, fruits and protein powders and the other for your keys, mobile phone, money/credit card, snacks or a, of course, we mean a protein bar!

It comes with a snap on replaceable Carbon filter for those that want to use it to drink filtered water instead of juices, shakes and smoothies. It removes chlorine and organic contaminants from tap water, yielding a cleaner and crisper taste.

In your hand in JANUARY 2015! Most of our rewards start off with the Green Grasshopper colour as the shipped bottle, but if you want a different colour, please place and order and then once its funded, email us to swap the colour!

What's so cool about our design?

  • Top compartment is for juices, protein drinks, smoothies, and other liquids for workouts and outdoor activities. Hold up to 520ml of liquid.
  • Top compartment comes with a removable shaker spring which enables thethorough mixing of liquids.
  • It now comes with a snap on snap off replaceable carbon filter that literally filters the water as you drink. It removes chlorine and organic contaminants from tap water, yielding a cleaner, crisper taste.
  • Easy drinking spout. The user simply rotates the cover, opens the spout by rotating 180 degrees and lifting to drink. Press down on the spout to close.
  • Valve hidden under the spout which allows air flow inwards to facilitate easy drinking without negative inward air pressure.
  • We’ve also added colored rings with laser burned icons, which improve one’s grip on the bottle. The different colored rings can be swapped out so users can color-coordinate if they so desire!
  • Middle, storage compartment can be removed and the bottom compartment screwed on to the top compartment for a smaller, sleeker bottle if desired. All thecompartments are interchangeable.
  • iPhone ready, the dimensions of the divider means that you can easily slot in an iPhone 5S and below! Approximate compartment size 67mm x 10mm x 128mm.
  • Middle compartment divider can be taken out to use the bottle to hold 2 different drinks! (1 litre)
  • The Intelishake will float in water due to its design, and therefore is handy for use as a water-proof floating bottle when on the beach or in the swimming pool.
  • Middle compartment contains a removable divider to easily retrieve your mobile phone and is for the storage of credit cards, car, locker or house keys, watch and even an energy/chocolate snack bar!
  • Bottom compartment is for capsules, tablets & pills, fruits or protein powdersused by many athletes in the gym.

 * Prototype was created using transparent plastic to enable ease of view of parts and functionality, the manufactured bottle will be 50% tinted to reduce visibility of contents and allow for cool trendy color variations!

The Intelishake Family

Intelishake comes designed in 8 cool and trendy colours!

 Intelishake – Form, Function and High Quality

We have designed the Intelishake to be the one and only sports drink bottle that anyone will ever need.

It will be constructed of the finest materials and created with precision quality. There will also be a money-back guarantee against defects or cancellation.

Sports and outdoor activity drink bottles have become very popular, there has been some good successes. We are not afraid of this competition as the Intelishake has abetter, design, function and look, we realised that there was more that could be done to make drink bottles more useful and provide some useful function to your high energy active sessions whilst remaining in the same price bracket.  

Intelishake will provide that missing element, with added compartments which if you decide not to use, can be unscrewed and bottle made shorter into a regular drink bottle. Design was important to us because consumers want more for their moneythese days and what better than to buy a product that fits in with their style and trend requirements.

We estimate that by the time we sell 2000 pcs, we will be able to bring the cost of each unit down to $9.99 each and $14.99 delivered worldwide to your door. That makes our product a serious contender with other drink bottles on the shelf!

At this unit price, there are usually no customs or import charges in most countries as it falls within low value goods categorization making it exempt and therefore no unexpected bills on delivery from the tax office in the USA, Europe, Canada or Australia.

What We Need, and Why

Newtonstein – that’s the name of our start-up company – has already spent over $10,000 of our own funds in the development of this project, which has enabled us to create a variety of prototypes, apply for our patent, pay for legal fees, set up of logistics and choose a packing operation in Switzerland.

Read the inventor's brief diary on processes we went through to set up here.

We require an additional $20,000 to meet the shortfall for tooling costs and production of a starting order of 1000 pieces. This is where you come in and get to grab the opportunity of becoming one of the first backers to put your hands on one! We are not setting any limits, because the more we get funded, the more we can spend on new variations and trade shows to establish this product in global markets whilst putting a team in place to drive its growth through retail distribution!

All quotations for tooling and manufacturing ready, we got our final prototypes made by the same factory to ensure they are familiar with the product long term.

We have numerous distributors and retailers already showing interest in stocking this product but they require finished product samples, we strongly believe that through this process of crowd funding, we will be able to successfully secure large orders long term once our product comes to life.

The challenge is simply to be able to produce our Intelishake in bulk quantities, which will enable us to charge a competitive price. For that reason, funding from our friends at Megafounder is essential to launch the Intelishake properly.

The entire process of crowd funding will inevitably help us learn a great deal more about our market, our product and our direction for the future because your critical appraisaland feedback will help us perfect our invention, after all, it is you that will make use of it the most!

The Journey

We came up with sketches Prototype 1 of Intelishake as shown below, and started looking at perfecting design 3 months ago, reducing costs as the initial design with aluminium casing would cost $75 each. Our aim was to enter the market long term in the $10 - $20 price range .

Our revisions produced Prototype 2 which was cool, sleek and trendy. Once we got this in our hands we collectively agreed that it was slightly large with 8.5 cm diameter.

Finally we settled on Prototype 3 as shown on all our images which was slimmer at 7.7cm diameter and shorter at around 30cm. We modified the middle compartment to make it the same size as the top liquid compartment, this would remove the need for a separate moulding tool saving $5000 on cost of manufacturing whilst allowing middle compartment logos to be etched or printed on. 

From our campaign and product feedback, we decided to include the carbon water filter which is an easy snap on snap off option.

The final version is made primarily from Blow Moulding significantly reducing the unit cost of this product and making it possible to put it on the shelf of retailers quicker and cost effectively.

Rewards & Goals

Most of our rewards start off with the Green Grasshopper colour as the shipped bottle, but if you want a different colour, please place and order and then once its funded, email us to swap the colour!

 Our very special beach towel merchandise shipped with eligible orders!

The Newtonstein Team

Priyesh is the founder of Newtonstein, and is one of the two inventors for this small business.  He has run commerce operations and designed bespoke ecommerce systems for marketplace selling. His success came from Retailing before embarking on

Snehal is the vice president of Newtonstein, and a fellow inventor. The dreamer, “we lock him away in a little cupboard and out comes the crazy invention ideas,” he wholly focuses on the next big project. He is a qualified medical professional at the University of East Anglia. His life’s ambition is to develop medical products that will save patient’s lives.

Mrs. S. Patel has a vast amount of experience in management of start up ventures with knowledge of product development, operations and distribution.

Mark Perry is our amazing genius! A wizz designer and 3D modeller. A mechanical design engineer with over 15 year’s experience, he produces 2D and 3D solutions for all areas of design and drafting - everything from concept to photo realistic renderings and manufacturing drawings.  He is a 6 Sigma, qualified to a Black-Belt level, and has experience in Lean Design including FMEA's, Quality Control Procedures and Lean Manufacturing.

We work with numerous professionals in addition to our core team to help us manage various aspects of product invention and consumerism for example Video Graphy, Graphic designers, Press and Marketing, prototype engineers, Legal advisors, Accountants and many more.

Look out for our other inventions coming soon, the world's first no peel 5 second onion dicer, the world's first desalination water bottle (ability to drink sea water), a sleekblend and go device and many more amazing inventions (well we like to think so).

Other Ways You Can Help

Please share the news about our Intelishake Campaign on your social media pages, and with your local sports organizations, fellow athletes, environmental organizations and everyone else you can think of!

Here are all the variations:

Patent Pending:

Our provisional patent application to protect our design as we think it will be a world beater has been accepted at the USPTO, we are currently completing the same process in Europe and China!

Your Orders:

Please note that our prices include free standard international shipping to any location in the world, our knowledge on ecommerce gives us the advantage of having numerous fulfilment partner relationships, we intend to store our products in Buerglen, Switzerland, where Swiss Post will ship out all orders worldwide a costs of less than $5 per parcel. Our fulfilment partner can ship out 8000 orders a day without pre planning.

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