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Lasera ~ Book 1: The Mer Archives

Get your mermaid fix with this great YA urban fantasy

Kamloops, Canada

Get your mermaid fix with this great YA urban fantasy. Diving, car crashes, swimming pools, accidents, kissing, this book has it all!

My name is Danielle Mathieson Pederson. 
And this is Lasera - Book 1: The Mer Archives

'Lasera' is the Mer word for their world.


My mermaid novel is on it's way to print, this is your chance to be part of the journey. Back the project now to pre-order the book and help out a new writer at the same time! 

The Premise: 
Lasera is a Young Adult Urban Fantasy novel set in Kamloops, BC, Canada. Our heroine, 17-year-old Valerie, a champion diver (as in diving board, not scuba) hits her head during a routine dive at the local pool. She starts to drown but is given mouth-to-mouth and rescued by a merman named Wyn, who's trapped in the pool. 

Initially Valerie thinks she is going crazy and hallucinating a merman. But she learns that her mind isn't making him up; it's because Wyn saved her that she can now see him and others can't. In this world merpeople are invisible to human eyes in water, because of their camouflage, but above surface anyone can see them.

Wyn and Valerie become very close as they get to know one another. Valerie gives Wyn the encouragement to overcome his shyness, and Wyn help Valerie to face the grief she'd refused to confront for over a year. But what's confusing to both of them is why Wyn's captors have trapped him in a public pool surrounded by people. Then Valerie finds out that his captors are moving him to a secure scientific facility in just three days. He's sure to end up pinned and dissected like a frog in some biology class. So Valerie has to save him. It's not until Wyn's stuck in a fish tank bungeed to the back of a beater pick-up truck and Valerie's staring down the barrel of a gun, that she realizes she's in love, with Wyn.

What I imagine Wyn might look like

Concerned about what might be in this novel? Not to worry. Although the protagonist is seventeen and there are conversations about some mature situations there are no sex scenes and this book is still appropriate for younger readers. See: Clean - Sweet - Romances Are Definitely Not Dead.

If you'd like to learn even more about this world and the book see:
The Lasera Website
Plus you can also read Chapter One of Lasera here:
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How Lasera is Coming to You:
The manuscript for Lasera was complete in 2011 and I've been working since then to try and get it published. I spent a year editing the manuscript myself and through beta (test) readers and then sent out more than forty inquiries to agents and publishers over the course of two years. None of them expressed any interest -- Which is why I need your help to get this book into print.
Even if I don't make it to my goal, this book will still be published. But to get the insider look at the process, sneak peaks and extras, and the novel one week before everyone else back this project by hitting the big green button at the top of this page.

It's important to me that while publishing this novel I want to do as much as I can to support local artists and economies. Using local professionals and companies to do so many things: making a fun family-oriented book launch event, utilising local artists and camera techs from my community, giving students at the local university a chance to try out the skills they're learning in a practical but paid application, and bringing fun and knowledge about literacy to kids and teens.

This is a book that can pull in a fan base; I've created a world with merpeople who have their own languages, culture, and physical abilities. No matter what happens, this book will become a reality, but it would be amazing if some of you came along for the ride and experienced it all with me. 


I'm a mother to a four-year-old boy and a twenty month old girl and I also work a part-time job in addition to my writing.

Everett (4) and Kaia (1.5)

My husband of eight years has long since come to accept the overflowing bookshelves we have as a permanent part of our home decor.


Me and my husband Tim

I am also LDS. See: My Faith - Being LDS or Having this faith will always have an influence on my opinions, my life, my writing and how I conduct myself.

When I read I love to devour books that help me escape, my favourite genres being fantasy, science fiction or romance, which is probably why I write in those genres. I love my blogs and crafting new posts, in addition to discovering so many new awesome reads through book reviews. See my blog: DanielleWAM On top of the Lasera series (which is six books and five planned short stories) I have at least fifteen other writing projects on the back burner. So needless to say I am in this for the long haul. I've been writing since I was in grade nine, it's something I will always do, and love doing. 

Please note that I specifically chose to use subtitles in my kickstarter video. My son and I both have high-frequency hearing loss. We can function without aid but because of hearing aids, amazing audiologists, and dedicated speech pathologists our lives have greatly improved. There is a certain stigma attached to watching movies with subtitles. If I can, in any small way, help to thwart that negativism, I'm glad.

Just as I was really delving into making this kickstarter happen, I hesitated. Was it right to ask for help like this? Should I really be doing it this way? There's so much work, how could I get it all done? Then I read this quote from C.S. Lewis:

I have to go after my dream and this book needs to be in your hands!

Give Help - Get Rewards

I'm so excited to involve others in the process of getting this book into print. Every reward to the right includes all the rewards from the lower tiers. So whatever you might be able to give, every little bit makes this a better book. International backers (outside of the US or Canada) please be aware there may be a small additional shipping fee on top of the $15 depending on the country in which you live.

I want to be up-front, honest, and open about everything throughout the entire process so please feel free to ask any questions and contact me about any aspect of this project. The breakdown of where the money will be going is below. 

Wyn and Valerie and the whole world of mer deserve to be out there for everyone to read. I can't wait to get started. Thank you all so much!

Back this project and pre-order your copy of the book now!


*** For those interested in my geek t-shirts they say (in order):
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My hearing aids are from Oticon

And this whole movie and it's 70+ mins of footage was shot with just my cell phone: A Samsung Galaxy S4

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