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mr. RAY Anti-Bullying Music/Video Project

Videos for my anti-bullying music project for kids

Highland Park, NJ, United States

Thank you for taking the time to read the following. Here is my crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds to hire a public relations (pr) firm and to produce 9 more videos for my all-original music/video project about anti-bullying, called No Room for Bullies.

WHAT IS CROWDFUNDING? First…if you’ve never heard the term ‘crowdfunding’….. it is by definition, “the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the web.” Thousands of business start-ups, be it actual products & services, people seeking funds for serious medical needs…all the way to artists from all walks of the entertainment spectrum, have used this platform for years now. Business start-ups have funded product-oriented ideas as well as people in the creative world, such as Levar Burton, who funded a re-launch of the iconic TV show Reading Rainbow. Spike Lee also used the platform to help finance a recent movie project.

MY CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN: I've already completely recorded, mixed & mastered 12 songs as a whole project, based on bullying & diversity/co-existence. It's a project aimed at tweens, ages 8-12. The topic rings true to almost anyone with a child...but not just. Too often these days, we have seen senseless acts of bullying or bullyism...some even leading to kids paying the ultimate price after being taunted online or in the physical world. This is just my small part in this ongoing epidemic...and trust me, it IS one. A very close female family member of mine was a victim of abuse by her then boyfriend. It resolved in the young man being expelled from a top college because she so bravely stood up to him.

Now that the songs are completed and 2 videos also ready to be seen...this is the time I need your help with the funding for a solid PR campaign, via a  public relations (pr) firm, and to produce 10 more videos for the remaining songs. Kids need to WATCH songs these days, so the videos are essential. I am so blessed to be able to make a living doing what I was meant to do here....create positive, empowering music for I'd like to stretch that demographic a bit, and inspire kids that are becoming more conscious of making decisions regarding bullying. 

REWARDS: There are several 'rewards of gratitude' built within this platform, such as giving you a credit on the video, autographing & extending to you the physical CD (yeah, there'll actually be some of THOSE!)...and/or coming to your home for a private performance. I sure hope you'll take the time to watch my video(s) and consider helping me to achieve my goal of what I've spent some 4 years making, fully see the light of day... and hopefully touch a young person's life somewhere out there.... Thank you all for being a part of my passion project, NO ROOM FOR BULLIES.

The first video above, gives you a more detailed overview of what I'm trying to accomplish. The second video is a sample of the 2 videos I’ve already shot & their respective songs.

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