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A 30 Day Life Compass for Dreamers

Knoxville, TN, United States

Our Story

MY PATH project began when two entrepreneurs met, and were facing the same problem of staying focused while achieving their goals and pursuing their vision. This is when they created a solution for their own problem. 

 "We both wanted a journal to keep us focused by using smaller 30 day time frames, but were not able to find anything at the bookstore or online, so we decided to create our own." 

Why We Collaborated

We met through a worldwide community of entrepreneurs and wanted to help each other as accountability partners to stay focused toward our larger overall goal. 

We both needed a system to write down our thoughts, make an action plan, adjust and keep focused toward our aspirations.

We wanted something in a 30-day time frame because large objectives can be re-packaged into smaller tasks. Shorter periods of time allowed us to see our progress, keeping motivation levels high, making the goal easier to achieve.

Searching for resources online and in bookstores, that was when we realized that we could not find this format, so we decided to create our own. The result of this collaborative effort is MY PATH Journal.

We used MY PATH to get us to this point and it gave us so much value in achieving our dreams, that we want to share it with you.

We designed a 30-day journal to help us turn our dreams into physical form by setting yearly goals, segmented into shorter time frames, reinforced with daily entries so we could see our results.

Organizing our thoughts at the end of 30 days, helps us create a detailed road map and readjust our next steps on what would work best.

Unique Features of MY PATH Journal

Each day there is a "30 Day Idea Focus" exercise to get your innovative brain turning, by thinking of new ideas surrounding the same topic for 30 days in a row. This increases creativity and problem solving skills by pondering new ways to view imaginative situations and walk through the impassable.

The first 15-20 days are easy, but come around day 23, you start becoming incredibly creative to find an idea for the day. 

Another feature is a checklist of nourishment for your mind, body and spirit, reminding us to feed all 3 aspects of ourselves, because life is a marathon so we all need to energize ourselves for the long haul.

Daily entries are structured as morning and evening "write-outs" for attaining your goals aligned with your yearly vision. These include daily goals to accumulate success, gratitude, affirmations as well as positive reflection and a life lesson of the day.

Design Features of the Book

Get to Know Yourself Layout:  Questions to know yourself better by developing an intersection of your strengths, passion and industries so you can be paid to do what you love. 

  • Who am I and what makes me special? 
  • What five skills am I good at? 
  • Am I most productive in the morning or evening? 
  • How many hours per day do I spend on unproductive activities? Track your time. 
  • If I have accomplished one thing this year, what will make the biggest difference to my happiness and success? 

Visualizing Your Dream so you can see the big picture.

Goal Setting to Create an Action Plan

  • What stage am I in fulfilling my dream? 
  • Where am I now in life? 
  • Where do I want get to? 
  • What's holding me back? 
  • The first step I am committed to taking right now is.........

365 Day Goal so you can see where you will be a year from now.  

180 Day Goal so a year can be segmented into more achievable targets.

90 Day Goal so you can finish a three month project that leads to your yearly objective.

30 Day Goal for a shorter time frame so you can see your progress. 

Daily Entries for small achievements to accumulate your success.  

 Daily Layout:

  • Motivational Quote to start your day with positive feelings and action.
  • Today will be a Wonderful Experience section to keep you focused while looking for opportunities or people that will help you succeed.
  • Daily Affirmation section as a thought to tell yourself through the day to stay energized and focused when situations arise that seem uncontrollable. 
  • Daily Goal which puts focus on the most important thing that needs to get done today or this week.
  • 30 Day Idea Focus to open your creative side in finding new avenues that were previously hidden in your mind.

Evening Layout:

  • A Wonderful Thing that Happened Today section to reflect back on pleasant experiences through your day.
  • Life Lesson Learnt Today section to help you grow mentally and spiritually. 
  • Mind, Body and Spirit section reminding us to feed all 3 aspects of ourselves.

This 30 day time frame has 10 day marks to celebrate your success and remind yourself that you are making progress, which leads to feeling of happiness, self-confidence and increased motivation.

Full explanation pages of how to use the journal, as well as examples to give you an idea on how to fill it out. 

Clean, Clear & Simple

We can summarize the design features in 3 words: Clean, Clear & Simple, for today's mobile digital world.

Key Features

  • Compact A5 size: 6 x 8.25 in / 15.3 x 21 cm
  • Vintage stitch-binding
  • 100% Diao Lin recycled paper
  • Renewable jute string fiber cover binder
  • Press stamped cover
  • Thin and Flat: 1/8 in / 0.3 cm in height
  • Light weight: 3.5 ounces / 102 grams

In this modern digital world where everything is paperless, there are still some thoughts that can only come out of your brain, onto paper, using a pen. 

Exclusive Rewards

When you buy a set of six journals, we are offering  a limited number of renewable fiber Jute sacks to keep your journals organized.

Along with the Jute fabric bags, we are offering a hand-stitched fabric as an outer wrap to add elegance in our bonus pack.


We are so excited to bring MY PATH to you, so you can keep on track toward your dream and enjoy the journey. 

Share our campaign with your friends so you can bring them along on your quest with you.

 Stretch Goal

If we reach 200% of our funding at $16,200 we will develop an iOS and Android App for everyone who backed our campaign. Then you can take your dreams, goals and aspirations with you in electronic form.

We would be so grateful if you would use the links below to find us and share our campaign through your social networks.

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How can you turn your vision into reality within 30 days? 

This is your time to replenish your mind, body and spirit . 

This is your time to be boost your creativity with the 30 Day Idea Focus.

Thank you for backing our campaign so we can turn your vision into reality by using MY PATH Journal to move toward the life you can control and create through action and planning.

MY PATH’s mission is to inspire you to believe in yourself and follow your dreams. 

Be Yourself. Be Inspiration.


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