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OpenExpo Day

The Biggest Event on Open Source and Free Software in Madrid

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On June 26, 2014 the OpenExpo Day will be held, a yearly event dedicated to the diffusion of different platforms and open source technologies and free software.

It will be a unique opportunity to approach Open Source and Free Software immediately and from the very great professionals in this field.

In Madrid, Open Source and free software tools celebrities will meet, which will announce the best solutions to the audience.

During the day you can enjoy:

  • Conferences - the leading companies in Open Source and Free Software in Spain will demonstrate their experience with the most requested tools.

  • Key speakers - conferences from the best national and international speakers from the world of free software.

  • Demos and workshops- live testing of the different platforms from the very best professionals in the sector.

  • Meetups: 5 WordPress, AngularJS, MobileHub, Pyton and Community Leadership Summit meetups.
  • Networking.


Team and Story

Why OpenExpo?

OpenExpo arises with the idea of ​​supporting the dissemination of the culture of free software and open source between companies, serving as a rallying point for entrepreneurs with different platforms of free software and open source, as well as their technology partners.

How has it been in the past?

While preparation began before, the first OpenExpo event we launched in October 2012, coinciding with the Ecommerce Week that we belonged to and have since conducted 12 events in Madrid and 3 in Barcelona.

In them we have covered the topics of CRM, Ecommerce, ERP, Business Intelligence, CMS, Elearning, Mobile and Open Hardware.

For our events, which have enjoyed the cooperation of the City of Madrid and Barcelona City Council, more than 950 have been aired and more than 1000 have followed them through streaming.

This wouldn't have been possible without the collaboration of more than 50 companies that have collaborated with OpenExpo as speakers at events.

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