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This Christmas, Santa must die. Join the execution.

Atlanta, GA, United States

RED XMAS #1 is the first installment of a five-issue comic book series.

Kris Kringle just lost his wife in a tragic toy accident, and now he's out to make all those little brats pay! When Santa-skeptic FBI agent Ellie Tewksberry finds her son Byron among the missing, she must fight alongside her wannabe-elf former husband to save him – and Christmas!

RED XMAS expands the FRIED Universe already established in such fine graphic fare asPREGNANT BITCHES OF WAR and DEADSKINS! There are ties to both comics, but RED XMAS absolutely stands on its own as a complete story. If you're a fan of our previous work, there are plenty of cool Easter eggs as you start to see how all the stories weave together--like the Marvel movies or Stephen King's Dark Tower epic.

Panels from RED XMAS #1. Pencils and inks by Domo Stanton.

Panels from RED XMAS #1. Pencils and inks by Domo Stanton.


Page 1 of RED XMAS, from rough sketch to colored page. Credits: Domo Stanton/Emily Elmer.

Hmm. Good question. Well, FRIED Comics has already released two great series to rave reviews. Check out our other stuff to gauge if this is for you.

Or, just listen to these guys:

"A comic as audacious as its title.

- Brian K. Vaughan, Eisner-winning author of Saga and Y: The Last Man.

"The most messed-up comic you should be reading.

- Geekscape

P.B.O.W. covers by Chew's Rob Guillory and Preacher's Glenn Fabry

"It’s f*****g brilliant and hilarious at the same time.

- Comic Bastards

"Irreverant, wise, subversive, and well drawn... It's like Cracked or Mad Magazine met up with Dickens and decided to add zombies and guts.

- Steven C. Schlozman, author of The Zombie Autopsies.

DEADSKINS! covers by Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night) and Takashi Okazaki (Afro Samurai)

"I've been fascinated, shocked, and borderline traumatized by each panel of Fried Comics. These crazies look like they're out to break every rule of storytelling -- polite storytelling, at least.

- David Wroblewski, author of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle,  New York Times bestseller and Oprah's Book Club pick.

Glad you asked. FRIED Comics only seeks enough to pay our artists a decent wage for their hard work and deliver copies to our backers.

And if we're fortunate enough to raise more than our goal, all additional money will go towards production of future issues.



FRIED Comics launched in June of 2013 as a labor of love for Clay Adams and Alexandre O. Philippe (more on them later). In the last year and a half, we've released two full books in (handsome!) digital editions: PREGNANT BITCHES OF WAR Vol. 1: STORKWATCH and DEADSKINS! We'll be expanding the line in 2015 and beyond with the forthcoming HAIR and PREGNANT BITCHES OF WAR Vol 2: WORLD WAR BITCH.

CLAY ADAMS is an actor with feature film, primetime, daytime, animation, and commercial credits. He has written and directed for television and holds a BFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU. When he first met Alexandre, he thought, "My, what a sophisticated European." Boy, was he wrong.

ALEXANDRE O. PHILIPPE is the acclaimed director of the smash hit documentaries THE PEOPLE VS. GEORGE LUCAS and DOC OF THE DEAD. When he first met Clay, he thought, "My, what a stupid American." Boy, was he right.

After blowing us away with art for PBOW #1, DOMINIKE "DOMO" STANTON was poached by FX Network's ARCHER before moving on to design characters for CHOZEN. Past work includes Marvel's DEADPOOL FAMILY and covers for BOOM!'s FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES. We're thrilled to have Domo back with us on RED XMAS.

CHARLES PRITCHETT is from Canada, so we imagine he looks like one of those flappy-headed dudes from South Park. Charles has lettered books for Image, IDW and Top Shelf (among others) and is a founding member of Frozen Beach Studios. As far as we know, he has a normal-looking head.

In addition to being a kick-ass artist, EMILY ELMER has studied martial arts for over a decade, so she can literally kick your ass. She colors PREGNANT BITCHES OF WAR, and we’re tickled pink to work with her again.

TABOR CARLTON is FRIED's Creative Director. This means that he directs very creative language at Clay and Alexandre when they make so-last-minute-it's-already-late requests for logos, graphics, and designs--all of which Tabor does like a total boss from his bunker in Australia.

Don't make eye contact; just mumble "thanks" and be glad the coffee isn't too hot.

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