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Seals Watch Company

Elegant Automatic Wrist Watches

El Dorado Hills, CA, United States

Simplistically Bold For the Discerning

We are an independent watchmaker nestled among the foothills of California's Sierra Nevada Mountains. With originality, quality and craftsmanship at our core, we seek to create limited edition watches for like-minded individuals who believe that these traits are what define a modern, sophisticated timepiece. 

“With Model A I think we achieved our goal of making something truly incredible that contributes to the continuing development of the exciting micro-watch sector. We’re trying to set a new bar for micro brands and lift the notion that we can't compete with the big names where quality, design and manufacturing are concerned,” SEALS founder, Michael Seals.

Words Around the Web

"Gorgeous case", "Prototypes look very promising. I think we have a winner here", “Love the look of this”, "That’s a very cool watch. Well done!!!", "Your debut timepiece is a beauty!" and “Highly impressed with casework and finishing”

Cool Hunting: "Seals Watch Company's Model A is a great example of what a micro watch brand can do when blended with a genuine passion for detail." Read the whole article here

In the short few weeks since introducing our Model A collection to the #watchfam on Instagram and later we've been completely humbled by the kind words and extremely supportive feedback received from watch collectors, enthusiasts and newcomers alike. 

These kind words are the motivation firing this project and making us push harder and harder to develop new ideas for the Model A, create innovative stretch goals and make sure we see our collection go into production.

Seals is a new brand based out of California that is about to launch their first line of watches, the Model A, on Kickstarter. It’s a watch with elements that are familiar, but enough creativity and styling to make it stand out, especially in the under $1000 category. As their site points out, the design draws on some manly classics for its inspiration; tanks from the 1940’s and café racer motorcycles. Both are themes we’ve seen before, but there is another inspiration element here that ties them together; Gerald Genta. Read the rest of the review here

Origin of the Model A

From day one, our motto has been, "Simplistically bold for the discerning". For us, this means to design a strong, well-built time piece of original design.

The design of Model A's case stems from the utilitarian lines of the blocky tanks of the 1940's; dramatic angular, drilled lugs on a low-slung center plate, giving way to its pronounced bezel, all consolidated into a modern 41mm size for a sweet spot of balance and presence.


Seals' Model A was designed, built and tested with elegance, durability and longevity firmly in focus. Our workshops and watchmakers hold these aspects dear and adhere to our stringent requirements and deliver precisely what we promise with each watch created and delivered to you.

Limited Edition

I grew up in a small town; less than a thousand residents. Obtaining clothes that would give you a look with a little distinction from the other townsfolk was tough as we all shopped in the same places. So running into your clone was commonplace.

Wearing a Seals Watch should make you feel a bit special, a sense of investing in a well-made timepiece that's not part of the crowd. An intimate piece of bespoke engineering that feels like an extension of your personality; marking you out as someone who understands the importance of those small details and decisions that separate us from a life of homogeny.

Each Model A variant will be produced in quantities of no more than 100 and sold internationally. You'll be a member of one of the most disparate owners clubs in the world.

Choosing the Materials

Electing to produce a timepiece of considerable quality and finish, the materials we selected have to be the finest we can afford. We aim for each piece to be detailed and finished to the level you'd expect to find on a watch at much higher price levels than the Model A.

The case is made of 316L stainless steel, surgical grade, strong, yet malleable enough to make for an excellent casing. The crystal is of sapphire, with anti-reflective coating on the inside to reduce glare and ease visibility.

Both common materials employed by watchmakers as trust worthy, and dependable for making quality watches at a reasonable price.

Our choice of strap material is Italian calfskin leather with an Alsavel lining for comfort. Over the past 8 weeks I've been wearing one watch more than the rest to see how it breaks in and figure out if another material or design would be more suitable. So far so good, I am pleased to report. The leather began stiff, but gradually breaks in and molds to your wrist as you may expect and now, today, it's a great fit.

For the sake of complete transparency, the current prototype buckle has sharpish edges where it meets with the leather, this has created light scratching on the surface. We are refining the buckles and, on the new set we are creating, the leather will glide smoothly with no harm from the buckle.

The Beast Within

A champion of micro brands and start-ups alike, our engine of choice to power the Model A collection is Citizen watch brand's own Miyota 9015 mechanical movement. Automatically wound through your wrist's natural rhythms or manually by turning the crown.

This movement runs at 28,800 vibrations per hour with a power reserve of 42 hours. Granted, there are movements out there with bigger reserves and faster sweeps but they come at a price and tend to spend more time on the work bench. We simply want the Model A to spend more time on the wrist.


Case width: 41.00mm

Case thickness: 12.20mm

Lug to lug: 51.00mm

Water resistance: 10ATM / 100 meters

Sapphire crystal: 2.5mm, with anti-reflective coating on the inside

Case: 316L stainless steel, anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal and signed, screw-down crown. Brilliant pairing of brushing and polish applied to bezel and case

Dial: Black or white or slate dials with vertically brushed pattern, luminescent applied to openwork hands with applied markers

Strap: Integrated strap made of high quality calf skin leather, dark brown or black with Alsavel lining

Reference: AxS-0425, AxS-0910, AxS-0912, AxS-0921

Schedules and Timelines


We anticipate to begin delivering watches in the middle of June 2015. Quality control will take place in conjunction with delivery ensuring we ship perfect watches in a timely manner.

Stretch Goals (From Kickstarter Campaign)

Here's a breakdown of each goal I'd like us to unlock, I feel each is achievable and together will offer an even better value for each person who supports our effort.

Unlock Goal #1 at $60,000: Custom Strap Buckle

In an effort to progress forward and not delay I tabled production of a custom buckle until after the prototypes were completed. An existing buckle is available now. However, we will scrap those and include our custom designed buckle with every single strap, bonus second strap too, if we successfully unlock goal #1.

Newly designed custom buckle, will have logo, not brand name

Newly designed custom buckle, will have logo, not brand name

Unlock Goal #2 at $65,000: Additional Leather Strap  

Each reference in our Model A collection will arrive with a single leather strap, either in dark brown or black calf skin leather. Unlocking this goal with provide you with another strap, in the alternate color.

Unlock Goal #3 at $85,000: Handmade Leather Travel Roll

Once unlocked you can count on your reward arriving snug within either our dark brown or matte black leather travel roll. Styled after a classic motorcycle bag. All the necessary paper work and extra strap will be concealed within the hollow watch roll. 

Below are all the pertinent details of the leather travel roll.

Handmade Leather Travel Roll

No watch boxes here, we are eliminating it in favor of something useful, a functional delivery package that can be used over and over again. Our way of reducing waste and increasing value for you.

Our leather travel roll will accommodate up to three (3) watches securely. 

The watch roll itself is much more than a simple place to wrap each watch, it is hollow in order to store items such as tools, documents or additional straps.* 

The following two (2) options will be made available for your choosing:

  • Black top grain leather, stainless steel buckle, gray suede lining and removable hollowed watch roll
  • Dark brown top grain leather, brass buckle, slate gray suede lining and removable hollowed watch roll

Dimensions: 20x8 cm

*The gray suede interior shown in the image is light gray, in production it will be darker. Also, one of the ends will be fixed, the other end will have a removable cap as seen below.

The gray suede will be darker and one end cap will be fixed

The gray suede will be darker and one end cap will be fixed

Contents of Your Package

Pending a successful funding, within 4-5 months you will receive every reward which your pledge specified. The following is a sample of what you will receive: 

  • One (1) reference from our Model A collection. Specific watch to be determined by the backer post campaign
  • Warranty certificate, registration card and owner's manual
  • * Pending unlocking stretch goal #1, one (1) additional strap may be included
  • * Pending unlocking stretch goal #3, one (1) top grain leather travel roll in either dark brown or black leather, capable of holding up to three (3) watches from the Model A collection. Selection to be made following end of campaign

We Need Your Support

Before we share how you can help us reach our goal please let us share what else you'll receive by you lending support to our project. In addition to the Contents of Your Reward as stated above:

  • Our 2-5 year limited warranty coverage to protect you from defects, unforeseen issues and the like. For the initial 2 years we will cover the entire watch itself, lug to lug from any manufacturer type issues. For the final 3 years we would like to extend discounts on servicing when using one of our approved watchmakers as well as a discount on any accessories such as straps, travel rolls, etc.

We really need your support, production is costly and to bring our watch to life it will take a large amount of money. By backing our project we will deliver to you all of the above.

Please share with your friends and social networks

I realize that, for some, the Model A might be at a price level you can't stretch to. And we don't want to go breaking anyone's bank balance or tipping folks into the red. But if you connect with what we're trying to achieve, with the work we've put in to make sure this isn't just a watch plucked from stock parts overseas with a logo slapped on, then please share our efforts with your friends and social networks. Alone we're limited in our reach but together we can help get our project in front of others like you who appreciate good design crafted with passion, love and attention to detail.


What Makes Us Qualified to Manage Funds Raised From a Successful Campaign?

I completely understand how this works from your end as I have supported many projects over the past couple years. The risk, costs involved and time it takes to receive the reward for which you are backing us. I've experienced well run campaigns and the those on the other side of the spectrum. Please know I've put in the work and have the experience to responsibly execute on a successful campaign and to deliver what I promise.

If you've not read my bio I'll quickly summarize what makes me qualified for this tremendous responsibility.

My profession is as a digital marketer, I manage an ad spend in excess of $5M per year, and I'm exceptionally critical of each cent spent and the return it delivers. Over the past decade I've managed over $70M in ad spend for a wide range of employers, taking great care to spend each budget as if my own. 

For me this is no different. As a community you are trusting me to deliver on every word and do it on time. My history supports what I tell you now, when we raise the needed funds for production I will stringently manage every penny and ensure every reward item promised to you is delivered. 

Thanks for reading, Michael Seals - Founder, Seals Watch Company

More Photos and Pictures

Concept Art

Concept Art

White / Stainless, Black / Stainless, Slate / Slate PVD, Black / Black PVD

White / Stainless, Black / Stainless, Slate / Slate PVD, Black / Black PVD

On The Wrist

On The Wrist

Credit: 2015

Credit: 2015

Case back from black variant (PVD)

Case back from black variant (PVD)

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