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Sealz rapid transition glasses

They convert into goggles at the push of a button

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

CLICK INTO ACTION - with the sunglasses that convert into goggles at the push of a button!

With Sealz rapid transition glasses, we are introducing a new, patented innovation to the world of performance and safety eyewear.

The glasses can be converted to sealed goggles at the push of a button, enabling the wearer to quickly activate them in an emergency and gain visibility in harsh conditions - or even under water!

The prototype shown in our main video is a hand-made model which is fully functional. It's fair to say though that it doesn't quite look as sexy as the final product will (keep an eye on our website or Facebook page to for on-going updates).

The next stage of the Sealz project is tooling & manufacturing. It is expected this process will take up to 5 months. We are partly self-funding this process (as it costs a lot more than our Kickstarter target), but we are asking for kickstarters to help us along the way... and in the process secure themselves one of our first ever products. All money raised will go towards product quality and manufacturing, and if we exceed our target, towards additional product enhancements (such as a ventilation system to prevent fogging in extreme environments).

 Product description & specifications

  • May be worn casually as an ordinary pair of fashionable sunglasses.
  • When required, an effective yet comfortable air-tight/water-tight seal is activated around the eyes. The silicone seal offers full protection from the environment (snow, wind, water, surf, sand, dust).
  • When worn in the sealed position, the glasses can be instantly released by pulling the lens piece forward, returning them to sunglasses mode - in order to ventilate the lenses, or just to generally increase the level of comfort. When you're ready, hit the button again and the seal is reactivated.
  • Military grade, impact resistant, anti-scratch, polycarbonate lens - improved durability and suitable for industrial use.
  • Full UVA/UVB protection.
  • Polarized lens to reduce glare (cuts out 98% of reflected light).
  • Additional lens features such as hydrophobic coating (to reduce water spots on the outside), anti-fog coating (to reduce fogging on the inside) and photochromic lens are all being explored and may be available depending on the extent of our Kickstarter success.

Markets and applications

While the military has continued to show a keen interest in the development of the product, the innovation has also started to gain traction with athletes and sporting communities (in particular water, snow and extreme sports). These communities are enthusiastic about the product's versatility and rapid transition properties, and how these may improve performance.

Triathlete Anthea Stacey represents Australia in triathlons, and is the current 70.3 Busselton champion (18-24 age group). "I tried the Sealz prototype out today and I absolutely love the idea. One of the main problems we do have in triathlon, in transition from swim to bike, is trying to coordinate getting the helmet on and the sunglasses on at the same time. You lose valuable time, you lose about three to four seconds, which in sprint distance triathlon can make or break your race if you don't get on the wheels of the other guys."

Drew Stevenson, hailed by many as the 'Godfather' of European snowboarding, has come on board the Sealz team as an advisor, in particular with respect to the snowboarding market. Drew has been a huge force in the development of the sport, having launched and run the TTR World Snowboard Tour and Method Mag, and was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award in 2008.

Other sports showing interest include skydiving, base jumping, mountain biking, SUP, surfing, swimming, canoeing, sailing - and many more.

In addition to the sports segment, there are numerous other applications for Sealz glasses we are currently exploring, including with emergency services and in the health and safety space of the energy, chemical and construction industries.

Giving back: Soldier On

In acknowledgement of the military origins of the project, Sealz is donating 1% of its profits, and 1% of all funds raised on Kickstarter, to a charity called Soldier On. The registered Australian charity supports returning soldiers who are physically or psychologically wounded, working to enhance their recovery and rehabilitate them into the community. 


Coming to life: early drawings...

Coming to life: early drawings...

Team and Story

Who we are: Lee Batey Rafael Kimberley-Bowen Drew Stevenson

LEE BATEY When Australian soldier Lee Batey ended up in hospital 20 years ago after a swim at the beach, he discovered he had sunburned his eyes. Always an inventor at heart, Lee was compelled to invent a pair of convertible sunglasses, which could be worn underwater.

When Lee lost two defence force colleagues in a Black Hawk helicopter crash in 2006 off the coast of Fiji, he realised his convertible sunglasses might have saved their lives.
"I passed it up my chain of command saying I've got an invention that could help save soldiers' lives, they came back to me saying, get yourself protected with a patent. So I did. I got the patent and got to work perfecting the prototype."
In a testament to his ingenuity, Lee bought his own 3D printer and taught himself how to use CAD (computer-aided design) software, and now almost a decade later has a fully functioning prototype. Several times Lee was approached by other sunglasses manufacturers with offers to buy or licence the technology - but declined.
Lee has an engineering diploma and has spent a total of 18 years with the Australian Defence force, including 6 years in the infantry, 4 years in the artillery and the last 8 years with the engineers.

RAFAEL KIMBERLEY-BOWEN Lee's co-founder in Sealz is Rafael Kimberley-Bowen, who is an experienced finance professional with over 15 years experience in the corporate sector. A qualified accountant with a MBA, Raf complements Lee's skillset with a business focus.

Rafael has worked globally across a number of industries, including healthcare, retail, banking, television, media and not-for-profit, holding a variety of financial management roles from financial controller to CFO.

He is very active in the Perth start-up ecosystem; a business mentor and an angel investor, he also writes a blog on investing in startups, and advises universities on how to commercialise innovations. He has been nominated for innovation awards at Rio Tinto and P&N Bank.

DREW STEVENSON Drew Stevenson, hailed by many as the 'Godfather' of European snowboarding, has also come on board as an advisor, in particular with respect to the snowboarding market. Drew has been a huge force in the development of the sport, having launched and run the TTR World Snowboard Tour and Method Mag, and was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award in 2008.

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