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The Mastertronic Archives

The History of Mastertronic Games!

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Next goal: $40,000 100%
Unlocks: We will add another 16 pages, this time we will try and use as many of these extra pages as we can to include game maps! @Lord_Arse from Twitter will even let us publish a couple of his hand drawn maps...

A note on pricing: All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) an approximate conversion to £GBP is to halve the listed dollar value. e.g. $60 AUD = approx £30 GBP.

A sample of some of the games to be covered in The Mastertronic Archives

Founded in 1983 by Martin Alper, Frank Herman and Alan Sharam, Mastertronic went on to become one of the UK's biggest home video game publishers of the 1980s. The company's marketing strategy of putting games on shelves at the low price of just £1.99, when most other games sold from £4.99, resulted in booming sales and massive profits for the London based company.

The Kickstarter funded both a standard volume and an enhanced collector's volume detailing the history of these games. This Megafounder site aims to raise more funds to help improve the book before it goes to print!


We are slowly reaching out to various folk who were involved with Mastertronic games whether it be programming, music or cover art.

To date the following generous people have offered to contribute to the content of the books:

Anthony Guter - Mastertronic Financial Controller/Systems Manager
Mark J. Brady - Cover Artist (Orbitron, Space Walk and more!)
John the Brush - Cover Artist (Kane, Finder's Keepers and more!)
Andrew Wright - Mastertronic Budget Labels Product Manager
Harvey Lodder - The Quest for the Golden Eggcup
John Darnell - Developer of Kane and Kane 2
Richard Burton - Mastertronic Collector and Retro Gamer magazine freelance writer


First up is the Standard Edition 256 page PDF book covering all of the Mastertronic £1.99 releases including game reviews, game credits, screen shots, cover images and more.


The special 512 page Collector's Edition includes everything in the Standard Edition, PLUS an additional 256 pages featuring game reviews, game credits, screen shots, cover images and more of the other Mastertronic labels such as M.A.D., Americana, Rebound, Rack-It, etc PLUS the unique disk releases. You will receive both the hardback and PDF versions of the 512 page Collector's Edition. As a bonus, you will also receive a PDF copy of the 256 page PDF book as soon as it is released!


The Mastertronic Archives USB Cassette includes a USB cassette, clear jewel case with a '199 Range' inspired inlay featuring cover artwork by one of the original 1980s Mastertronic artists, Mark J. Brady. All PDFs come pre-loaded on the USB cassette along with some bonus extras!


The books will be full colour hardcovers measuring 8.25" wide by 10.75" high.

The Standard Edition book will be 256 pages in length and will review the main £1.99 cassette range.

The Collector's Edition book will be 512 pages in length and will review the main £1.99 cassette range as per the Standard Edition PLUS other Mastertronic labels such as M.A.D., Americana, Rebound, Rack-It, etc PLUS the unique disk releases.

* During checkout, all book orders will be charged a flat rate worldwide shipping charge of $20 AUD (approx. £10) 


The following sample page layouts cover the first twelve games in Mastertronic's "199 Range" of cassette games. Screenshots are for layout purposes only and may not reflect the images to be used in the final product.



We would like to firstly acknowledge the fantastic support given by Anthony Guter, who was the Financial Controller, then Systems Manager, at Mastertronic from 1985 to 1991, in providing us with access to Mastertronic financial records including all of the game releases, game formats and game sales figures. Anthony maintains the website which contains a wealth of information about Mastertronic.

Special thanks also to John the Brush who painted some of the great cartoon style covers ever to appear on a Mastertronic game! John has kindly helped us offer a number of unique perks adorned with his signature, the one that was unfortunately missing from his work in the early days.

We would also like to thank Mark J. Brady, who illustrated dozens of the early Mastertronic game covers, for his input into the limited edition cover gallery book. Check out his great website here.

Mark J. Brady's unique style of artwork adorned many of Mastertronic's greatest covers including Spectipede, Bullet, Bullseye, Orbitron, 1985 and dozens of others. Nowadays Mark produces some fantastic 3D fractal imagery which can be seen at

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Rockrabilia is one of the UK's leading stockists of 8-bit retro games with a passion stretching back thirty years. Their online shop, founded in 2004, contains probably the largest variety of Mastertronic software available anywhere. Well known within the retro-gaming community, they also stock 8-bit computers, controllers, magazines and books. 

and one of our biggest Twitter supporters, @Lord_Arse !


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