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The story of the Commodore Amiga in pixels

A high quality, 268 page book on the illustrious Commodore A

Kenilworth, United Kingdom
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The Commodore Amiga was my second love after the ZX Spectrum. With my new found appreciation of the Commodore 64, it only seemed fitting to do the next book on this great machine.

This is a Kickstarter to help raise the funds to create and print a book on the ubiquitous Commodore Amiga. What sets the books produced by us apart from the others are the memoirs from the artists, programmers and musicians who worked on the computers and consoles we cover thus giving the reader an insight to what it was really like to work on games in the 80s and 90s. This book will be no different.

The book is planned to be 268 pages in length, and just like the Commodore 64 book, will come in two flavours - paperback and hardback. The paperback will have a thick, high quality cover, with the Tutankhamun embossed and spot varnished; the hardback (a hugely popular choice on the C64 campaign) will have a matt finish with spot varnish on the Tutankhamunimage.  

Many of those who have received my previous books comment on the quality of its production. This Amiga book will be no different - I am actually considering increasing the weighting of the paper inside which will make it even nicer.

Each book will come with a unique double sided bookmark by Jeremy Wood:

Roger Kean, joint founder of Newsfield Publications who gave us CrashZzap! 64 and The Games Machine will be writing a feature on the history of the Amiga computer. This section will contain new images of each and every Amiga released by Commodore lovingly taken by Johnnathan Taylor. Johnnathan took photos of his C64 collection for 'The story of the Commodore 64 in pixels'.

There will be a feature by ex-Retro Gamer editor Martyn Carroll on the move to AGA; a feature on the demo scene and an article on the best music the Paula chip produced on the machine.

We will be talking to those who created the application, such as Amos below.

And those who were involved in creating the games we played and loved. There will be over 30 musicians, programmers and artists (some listed below) telling the reader what it was like to work on the Amiga and talk a little bit about the games or applications they produced.

There will be a celebration section of the best games the Amiga has to offer.  




And we will explore the demo scene, talking to those that started up such groups as Anarchy and Scoopex. 


We will have over 30 memoirs in the book. Those contributing to date (and the list will grow) are:

  • Archer Maclean
  • David Lowe
  • Boys Without Brains
  • Jez San
  • Stoo cambridge
  • Mevlut Dinc
  • Andy Nuttal
  • Allister Brimble
  • Anthony Ball
  • David Mowbray
  • Dino Dini
  • Martin Edmodson
  • Steve Crow
  • Peter Johnson
  • Simon Butler
  • Tim Wright
  • Mark Hellewell (Anarchy demo group)
  • Francis Lionet
  • Ash Hogg
  • Andrew Hewson
  • Jim Sachs
  • Roman Rath (Scoopex demo group)
  • Barry Leitch
  • and more...

Combined Books





Fusion Retro Books are responsible for producing high quality retro books that follow two distinct series paths. The history series comprises of 'The History of Ocean Software' and 'The Story of US Gold' - books that intricately chart the life of the two great companies from their very beginning to the their demise.


 And the pixels series, 'The story of the ZX Spectrum in pixels'

 Our website is here

Recent video review from one of the Commodore 64 Kickstarter pledgers:


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Shipping - I will ship the book out in April next year - it normally takes 5-6 weeks turnaround from submitting the complete digital file to the printers to receiving the books back. I use Amazon book style packaging - the stretch goals, if reached will come in a separate bag, but will be included with the book. This worked fine generally with the shipment of the C64 book.

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