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The Symphonie 64 Rare Item Shop

Rare C64 items including Ninja Musicology

Bromley, United Kingdom
Chris Abbott Contact Me

*NEW* Ninja Musicology added!

Check out the items over on the right. You can choose from gig tickets (for the concert on 15th October 2016), the digital download (released May 30th, 2016) or the physical digipack (due for sending out June/July 2016).

What is this?

  • This is a special shop to sell signed and rare Commodore 64 music items. 
  • This is the only stock we have, but this shop will remain open until all things are sold.
  • Everything we are advertising on this site is in stock and ready to ship, except anything marked "pre-order". More stock will be added later as we get it signed or donated
  • Keep up to date by looking at the facebook page and/or Twitter account.



Rare and Signed CDs available

All items as new, though had to be unwrapped to be signed!

  • Instant Remedy Insert Disk 2 - Signed by Chris Huelsbeck
  • "Paula Agnus Denise" - signed by Chris Huelsbeck and Jon Hare
  • Code of the Ninja - double Martial Arts compilation signed by Ben Daglish and Matt Gray
  • Back in Time 2 - Signed by many composers including Rob Hubbard, Matt Gray, Chris Huelsbeck and Ben Daglish

DVD and Blu-Ray

  • The Big BIT Bootleg - a blu-ray containing the best quality footage we have from the 2003, 2004 and 2015 events, complete with rare soundtracks, themes, behind-the-scenes audio and photo and bootleg video from all of the events. The ultimate BIT Live resource pool. Basically, if it's on my hard disk, and I can put it on this blu-ray, it's going on (obviously quality varies, but it's been upscaled for the major performances).


Various "signature edition" art canvases based on CD artwork from Project Sidologie and Back in Time 4 (Trevor Storey), Back in Time 3 (Mat Recardo) and Back in Time 2. All of these are free delivery.


All of the items here are in stock and ready to ship. Extremely limited signed items will ship tracked/signed. Other signed CDs will ship by regular mail (cart will add postage). Your mileage may vary.

Art canvases will be delivered straight from the manufacturer.

Contact the Creator Need any help?