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Trees Please

A child's whimsical journey through unexpected forests

Becida, MN, United States

'Trees Please' - A child's whimsical journey through unexpected forests traveled only in dreams! A book worth backing.

My project goal is $20,000. That will cover the cost for the illustrations and then to self-publish in 8 1/2" x 10" hard cover book. With your gracious support for this project a wonderfully exciting new children's book will go on the market by next yr.




Cynthia Wildes

A Children’s story inspired by my 7 yr. old Granddaughter. A story for the entire family to enjoy for years to come. Illustrations by

"Mud loves trees!

by Melonie

Mud loves trees and trees love. Mud!!

Melonie “why is there gum in your hair”?

I love gum and gum loves me.

Why are you taking a bathe. I Love you and you love me.

The end”

A poem written by Melonie Cameron at 7 years old

Trees Please

I want to run in a field of trees – play hide–n-seek and run in a breeze.I want to climb up high in the tallest tree so I can look down at all the people below – they look smaller than Me! I want to sit on the branches of Money trees and count each leaf and watch it grow, grow, grow!!! And sing a melody to the babies gently swaying in the arms of the Baby trees

I want trees please – lots and lots - all different kinds please!

Big trees, Little trees, Fat trees, Skinny trees, Money trees, Horse trees, Zoo trees

Trees and Trees and Trees Please!

Apple trees, People trees, Hand trees, Tree trees,

Number trees, Letter trees, Pretty trees, Phone trees, House trees, Lip trees, Pencil trees, TV trees, Lip gloss trees, Picture trees, Couch trees, Bug trees, Ugly trees, Sad trees, Happy trees, Mad trees, Golden trees,

Trees and Trees and More Trees

Please, Please, Please!

Cat trees, Animal trees, Heart trees, Reef trees, Orange trees, Tattoo trees, Christmas trees, Soda trees, Lamp trees, Paper trees, Remote trees, Red trees, Shape trees, Blue trees, Zebra trees, Flower trees, Shirt trees, Stamp trees, Baby trees, Cup trees – Trees and Trees and are you kidding

More Trees Please!

Table trees, Door trees, Water trees, Color trees,

Lotion trees, Crippled trees and Dream Trees!

Won’t you please come join me And we can run and see all of my beautiful trees - Please!

Big trees are so tall - I couldn’t climb them at all - without a ladder!

It’s not so easy to play hide-n-seek in the Little tree forest. Everybody can see me hiding behind one of these – I’m too tall! Oh, silly me.

Soon after Melonie gave me a poem she had written to me about trees and knowing how much she loved them I thought - what a wonderful idea it would be to write a children’s book. I was just coming off of writing my Memoirs and it seemed the perfect opportunity to write about something fun. And of course I too love trees – it was the perfect match for a great new children’s book that I decided to call ‘Trees Please’.

“Melonie, I said to her before she left back home to her mom – you write me a list of trees and I’ll write a book and call it ‘Trees Please’.” She chuckled, “Ok Grandma”; and with that she went back to riding her bike. Well, it took a few months to get her focused on it – 7 yrs old, tough to keep them focused for too long at that age! But I finally got her to do it – it’s a great list of trees and is quickly becoming recognized thanks to the continued support from family, friends and a pile of folks I’ve only met through the net and the Megafounder team. I’ve always told my two girls and all of my Grandchildren to Never Ever give up on your Hopes and Dreams – they just might come true someday if you work towards them. I would not be where I’m at today if it weren’t for my continued belief that good things can happen – that Dreams can come true – and wouldn’t you know; take a look at the very last tree on the list – it’s the Dream Tree Forest. Imagine that!

This is the original sketch at the time I wrote the book. Blueberry Illustrations will be bringing it to life very soon. Now that will be something to see – indeed!

Fat trees make perfect hiding places! Can you see me waving at you? HE! HE! HE!

Skinny trees are a lot like pine trees – like over grown giant tooth picks!

My most favorite tree is the Money tree! I just love sitting up against them counting the money that falls like leafs to the ground! Hey, maybe I’ll have enough for an ice cream party with my friends!

Whenever I want to go to the zoo I just take a walk through the forest of Zoo trees. I wonder how they got them in there! Hmmmmmm

What a really neat way to live! Someday maybe I’ll have my own House tree. Yes, I like it. A very good plan!

My little brother loves these Bug trees. Just the way he likes it – bugs, bugs everywhere bugs! He! He! He!

Lions, tigers and bears forest!!! Love these Animal trees. They are so fun to climb. I can see my house from the top of the Giraffe tree!

Reef trees are hard to get to because they grow out in the ocean and around Islands. They are so beautiful, but I’ll have to get my friend to help me row my boat to get there. It will be a lot of fun playing around the Reef trees with my friend.

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